A few things today.

First and foremost…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet, sweet Gabriella Gracie Jo!!! Mommy loves you SO very much, sweet baby girl!!!!! You are SO very special and your momma is more proud of you than I could ever tell you!!!

Next… I’ve been trying SO hard to get a good video of Annabelle singing for you.

But my sweet girl is always on the GO and it is SO very hard.

Most of the time she doesn’t sing words, but she has the tune down to a TON of songs.

Her big sisters, however, have taught her how to incorporate her favorite saying…. ee-ii-ee-ii-ooo… into Old McDonald Had a Farm.

So, this is my attempt at video taping it. Unfortunately, you are subjected to MY singing for most of the minute and a half video (my apologies in advance), but she does do it once for you! (she’s actually MUCH better at it than in this video… but she was pretty absorbed in how awesome she looked in the camera, HA HA HA! Beauty is so distracting!!)


OH!!! And we’re going on vacation soon, a MUCH MUCH needed one with my in-laws to the BEACH. It’ll be Annabelle’s first “real” vacation where we go somewhere other than grandma’s house, and the first one when she is doing really really well! I have maps to the nearest hospital and am as prepared as I can be, but keep begging God to please please please give us a SUPER good time and let no one get hurt or sick!!! Your prayers that our vacation is full of much needed fun, relaxation, and family time is super appreciated!

And of course, vacation pictures WILL be posted next week when I get a chance:-)



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