Yesterday was busy, but I had full plans to do Annabelle’s happy 10 month birthday post last night. Alas, I laid down early because I had a killer headache, and woke up at 1 in the morning (then proceeded to be asleep off and on until I finally made myself get up around 7:30)

Yeah, blog post didn’t happen!

I am SO SO SO excited about her 10-month birthday though! This will be the LAST month birthday Annabelle spends in the hospital! It’s wierd, because we thought the same thing at her 9 month birthday, but this time I’m SURE, last time was “probably.”

Annabelle had a GREAT night last night. Besides waking up more at night than usual (we weaned her Adivan to very other day, when she was getting it every night before bed) she did AWESOME.

For the last two weeks, she’s been doing this thing where she wakes up in the morning horribly junky. It’s all in her upper airway, and she tries her best to cough it up, but it takes her until noonish for it to go away, and has been one of the big reasons we haven’t stayed off oxygen.

They consulted Pulmonology on Thursday to get some ideas, and they suggested to 1.) go up on her breathing treatment dose (Pulmicort) and 2.) Start her on a very low dose of Robinul.

The theory behind #1 is to keep her airways uninflammed so she can have the best room to breath.

The theory behind #2 is to help lessen or thicken her spit. She doesn’t drool much, but they thought at night, she might be “drooling backward” meaning that instead of the spit coming out of her mouth, she was aspirating it into her upper airway, and when she woke up in the morning, it had all pooled there causing her to be so junky. If we lessen the amount of spit, or thicken it up, she’d be more likely to swallow it normal instead of aspirate.

Well, we officially started the robinul yesterday, and this morning…


She is breathing clear as a bell! WOOHOO!!!!!

So we are hoping, praying, that this has helped her! Plan is still go go home on oxygen, we aren’t really weaning much at all over the weekend (she is on 75ccs… the lowest it goes is 25ccs), but hopefully this will mean we won’t have to be on it much longer! Please Jesus let it be so!

Tuesday… Home… HERE WE COME! EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Yum, Yum, Sweet Potatoes!! She had it on her face, in her hair, on her fingers in her eyebrows… everywhere except her mouth! I did get a few little tastes in here… but eating is still very much a work in progress!!

BIG SMILE this morning from happy, non-junky Annabelle! Sorry it is sideways…  but it’s still cute!



  1. Awesome!!! 🙂

    Btw, Robinul is one of those things they give you before surgery to dry you up before you're intubated. I just had some before my surgery a few weeks ago. It makes you VERY VERY dry, so I can totally see how it helped Annabelle. LOL!!!

    You must have read my facebook post on your wall, because yesterday I said happy 10-month birthday, Annabelle. This will be your last month birthday in the hospital. HAHAHA!!! Great minds think alike, KP!

  2. What wonderful news!

    Love the pics.

    Tuesday's coming. Yay!

  3. Val… Yep, it is the same thing they use pre surgery! She is on a VERY VERY low dose though… and is only on it 2 times per day (usually I think it is a minimum of 3 times for those who take it)

    She has had GREAT sat's ALL day long… If she keeps it up and has no issues, we'll start trying to wean her a little tomorrow. We aren't really "trying" to get her off oxygen by Tuesday (we are just planning on coming home on oxygen regardless) but if she needs it only minimally or only at night by the time we go home, I would NOT be sad at ALL!

    OH, and Funny, YOU read MY mind. Yesterday morning I told Scott that it was her LAST month-birthday… not long after I saw your post and was like, "Valerie read my mind!!!" HA! That's a little scary… if I do say so!

  4. YAY, Annabelle!!!! Praising God with you all! And happy 10 months!
    Can't wait to hear you're all home together! We're praying and rejoicing and excited for Him to continue showing off His glory!!!!!

  5. Soooooo happy for you I could cry!!! WOW!!! She looks so beautiful!!! Sending prayers and hugs!!

  6. Sideways or not … she is so beautiful! She makes me smile every time I see her 🙂
    I'm so happy all is going as well as can be expected. I can't wait to read you're home!

    Happy 10th, Annabelle!! Love you, girl ♥

  7. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all I have to say!!!!


    Can't wait for her to get H.O.M.E.!!!

  8. Krista– I have been following your blog for many weeks….Checking in on you and Annabelle several times a day is part of my daily routine… I just have to say!!!!…..THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!! I can't imagine all the emotions you are feeling… God is so good and you are so strong!!! Many huggggs to you!!!

  9. What excellent news to come home to, Krista! I can't wait to see pictures of Annabelle AT HOME! Will be praying all continues to go smoothly!

  10. Happy Belated 10 month Birthday, Annabelle! Looking forward to the next 2 "one-month" birthday milestones, especially since one will be her ONE YEAR birthday! You've come a long way, baby!!!!!!!!

    Still keeping all of you in our prayers! I'm looking forward to Tuesday! I know it might be too busy to get something posted that day but I look so forward to seeing those pictures of her at home! God is good!!!

    Lots of prayers!

  11. K~ told me last night the news, and I'm so excited! I will be praying, and I am ready to welcome her to the neighborhood! 🙂

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