The song for this Monday is not a comforting one.

Instead, I think of it more as convicting. I heard this for the first time about a month ago after my sister and I got done having lunch. While we ate, we were talking about the world, and how people around us seemed to be crumbling. Marriages of people we respected were failing. Everyone says our economy is failing. Highly respected preachers are being outed for doing very wrong things.

And we had asked each other, why? How? Since when did the world begin falling apart and why were we just noticing it?

I think we’ve always known it, but for some reason it hit us full force that day. Rocked our world onto it’s side. It was a bitter reality.

I still had the question in my head as I drove back to work. Then, this song came on. I sat in the parking lot of my office, closed my eyes and listened. It was like God’s answer.

It’s a slow fade.

Christians don’t backslide overnight.

It’s making one small consession after another. Allowing one little sin in, then another, then another.

Marriages don’t fail overnight. They slowly fade over years of neglect and selfishness.

Pastors don’t go corrupt overnight. It’s the slow fade, as fame, notariety and pride rise up in them while the truth of God is ignored a little more everyday.

To make the concept more understandable to those who aren’t affected (or don’t think they are affected) by the above, people don’t get fat by eating one cheeseburger. It’s a diet of chocolate, fast food, and eat a little more every day while doing a little less. Its a slow fade into a bad lifestyle.

Then one day it hits you. Your love for your spouse is gone. Your love for God and the desire to do his will, where’d it go? The pastor’s drive to feed the sheep is non-existent. Or, you step on the scale and realize just the extent of the damage.

It’s a slow fade.

To me, I take this song as a gut check. Everytime I hear it, I stop and think, what things am I allowing into my life? What little consessions am I making that could cause me to slowly fade into something I’d rather not be?

I pray that you take a minute to have a gut check yourself. Are you were God wants you to be? Have you let yourself slip away? Have your lines between right and wrong faded?

If you have, remember. It’s the fade is reversable. There is an answer. His name is Jesus (and a diet… *grin*).



  1. Hey Krista- I just discovered your blog. Great job- I’m enjoying it! Congrats on editing and trimming your book. My edits usually make it longer, because I have a bad tendency to tell rather than show, and editing fills it out. I guess that’s ok, though, because I usually start out at around 70,000. Good luck with your writing!

  2. Great song, Krista!!!!! I went to their concert, saw them perform this…HOLY MOLY!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Avily, welcome! I’m glad you stopped by!

    It is funny how everyone writes differently and have different editing needs.

    My problem is this. I show. Then I explain (aka tell) just incase you didn’t get what I was showing.

    *** The tear trickled down her cheek, leaving a trail of damp sorrow in its wake. She was so sad.

    Well, DUH she was sad! Tears? Hello, Krista??? So, my line edit was a whole lot of taking out my explainations:-)

    Lynn, wow, hearing that song in concert, I do think I’d probably bawl for about an hour!

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