This week just makes me want to break out in a rousing song of “Victory in Jesus!” In more ways than one!

Annabelle had a GREAT week. Even slept in till 7:30 this morning! And yesterday, she ate about TEN bites of those carrots. Little bites… and she still didn’t like them, but can we all say PROGRESS!?! I can’t believe she is only 2 weeks post open-heart surgery! All her numbers are looking better, so things are looking up. Now… we just need to get her off of oxygen!

Now, for the grand finale of my week:

You know the title of my blog? One Woman’s dream?

Well, one of those dreams is to become an author. I’m already a writer… I love writing in my blog, and I’ve loved writing stories for a long time.

But today I became one REALLY BIG step closer to accomplishing my dream!

This morning I had the grand opportunity to speak on the phone with illustrious and sought after literary agent Rachelle Gardner… and she agreed to represent me on my quest to becoming a published author!

And Krista screamed… loud… after she hung up the phone.

I have never tried SO very hard to be professional on a phone call in my life and not scream EEEEEEEEEEE really loud in her ear. No worries, I succeeded in holding back. Barely!

My poor husband and daughter had to put up with an squeeling Krista for the whole rest of the day, though.

Specifically, the first book we are working on selling is my “Sandwich” book as I like to call it… based in the town of Sandwich, IL where I was born:-) It is an inspirational contemporary romance… and you all have to buy it whenever it gets published, okay?!? *grin*

Special thanks today to my WONDERFUL writer friends…

Kaye Dacus (author of too many great books to mention…but most recently The Art of Romance) for giving me VERY sound advice many times this week and for pushing me over the last few years to get out of my comfort zone. She also leads the local writer’s group I am in, and I’ve benefited greatly from her stellar writing advice!


Jody Hedlund (author of The Preacher’s Bride and coming September, The Doctor’s Lady…) and Katie Ganshert (author of a debut novel coming May 2012 that I can’t WAIT to read) for coming to my rescue, giving me much needed etiquette advice and talking me off a few ledges the last two days!

God is just… amazing. He really really is! I can’t explain it much better than that.

Tomorrow, Annabelle will have been home for 7 days in a row. A record for her!

I have much to praise God about today. But even as I say that, I look back at the last year, and as hard as it was, I can honestly say I’ve had much to praise Him about every day. Even during the worst times, he brought us through and was ever present.

I could gush on and on and squeel louder, but Annabelle is napping and wonderful Julie brought over some A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. caramel pie for dessert that I must partake of for a second time in celebration.

OH! Another fun story. Another super cool writer friend of mine, Sarah, sent me chocolate in the mail today, because she is JUST that sweet. When did I get said chocolate? About 10 minutes after I got off my really really cool phone call. How is THAT for amazing timing!?!

Now… Caramel Pie time!!!



  1. Mega congratulations, Krista!!! When I read your news about Rachelle, I started screaming "Oh, my gosh!" at the top of my lungs. And then I cried tears of joy.

    I'm beyond thrilled for you!!! What a way to end your week!!! Thank you, Lord, for Annabelle's progress and for Krista's awesome news.

    I know Rachelle's not into exclmation points, but this GINORMOUS news deserves a ton of 'em! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am so happy that things have finally started to calm down so you can pursue your dream. You go girl! I'm screaming with you. We share a dream and its about to become my reality through a self published book…not as thrilling as talking to a world known on the phone, but hey, its a step forward. We all know how awesome steps forward can be! So, so happy for you! Please if you haven't, subscribe to my blog and keep up with my writing. I'll do the same for you. Thanks and much love~ Lis


    PROUD AND HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. (like I had anything to do with it, but hey, someday I'm going to say, "I knew her way back when" 😉

  5. I have been waiting, waiting, waiting for this post, Krista!!!!

    And funny how I felt such urgency to send that chocolate a couple days ago…I was even tempted to take it to the post office the next day, but I just really wanted to send it on Wednesday for some reason. God must have been up in heaven just laughing His pants off (if that's even appropriate in heaven) because He knew you'd get that package right after the big call!

    Woohoo!!! 🙂

    Woo Hoo!!!! I'm sooo happy for you. Now your dream is one step closer …. and God's timing seems so perfect in making sure the chocolate arrived just after you phone call ended. 😀

    I'm also glad to hear that Annabelle is still doing so well! We continue to pray and we also have a lot of praises to give tonight, too!

    God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

  7. Sending great big hugs and congratulations your way! So excited for you for all the good news. 🙂

    And yes, of course I will read your book!

  8. So happy for you Krista!! Congratulations girl!

  9. This is so wonderful! I can't wait to have a new writer to read. I LOVE me some Christian romance that is funny to boot! Congratulations.

  10. Congratulations, Krista!!!

    And Annabelle–for a great week…and for carrots!!! 😉

  11. Congratulations!!!!! And so glad to hear Annabelle had a grea tweek!!!

  12. I am so proud of and happy for you!!!

  13. I'm so happy for you, Krista!

  14. I am so VERY happy for you! 🙂 Teresa

  15. congratulations, Krista! what wonderful news, both about Annabelle's great week and your landing a really great agent. Welcome to the WordServe family!

  16. krista! to say "congratulations" sounds almost like an understatement! this is HUGE!! an agent and a 7:30 sleep-in. WHOA!! i'm SO happy for you. 🙂

  17. WOWOWOWOW!!!! That's awesome! Great news all around! I'm so happy for you!

    And I'm so going to buy your book!! Promise!

  18. Still too happy! Dancing! And SOOOOOOO announcing it on The Writers Alley!

    Super-thrilled for you, Krista. God's got some great things planned 🙂

  19. Congratulations, Krista!!! What an exciting time for you!

  20. Hooray!!!!! Congrats, Krista!

    I am happy dancing for your great news and for baby Annabelle's progress! 🙂

  21. How awesome on ALL counts, Krista! Congratulations!

  22. Can I just say, I am sooooooo excited for you!?!? My husband probably thinks I'm nuts, because I am so happy! What an amazing ride you are on!

  23. Wow, what an amazing week!!! MAJOR CONGRATS!!! Isn't it such a God thing how it all coincided together. I think you have a wonderful faith.

    You'd better believe I'll be buying a copy…and excitedly waiting to get an opportunity to get your autograph on it 🙂

  24. Wonderful news, Krista!! I'm so happy for you.

  25. Congratulations Krista! So happy for both your good news… newses… pieces of news. Blessings!!!

  26. I love happy news!!! Congratulations Krista! I'm so excited for you! And you bet I'll get your book when it's published =D

  27. Krista, I just can't stop smiling for you. Yay for Annabelle and yay for your agent news! I'm so excited to hear more as all this progresses!

  28. I heard about this on Twitter (thanks, Casey, for sharing your excitement!) and wanted to say congratulations! Rachelle is the best of agents! Are you coming to ACFW? I hope to congratulate you in person!

  29. Praising God for all the awesome news of this week! Can't wait to see your girls when we get back from church camp. I'm sure my little sweetie will want to play with yours again.

  30. YAY!!!!! Huge congrats to both you and Rachelle. Yes, she deserves them as much as you do! 🙂

  31. Praising God with you, Krista!! What fantastic news for Annabelle and for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a rollercoaster ride you've been on. And you can count on me for being one of your influencers once your Sandwich book is sold…and it WILL!

  32. Wow, congrats on all fronts! That is just awesome and isn't that just like God to give a great blessing and when you think it can't get better than that bowl you over with more!

    I can't wait for your book to come out and to get to read it. man you are gonna have to sell some signed first books! 🙂

    big heart hugs and praying for much success in your writing career,
    Wendy C (Andrew's mom CHD and awaiting a heart transplant)

  33. Krista!

    Got back a few hours ago from a mini-vacation.

    CONGRATULATIONS. I know that you've had this dream for a long time and I'm moved to see it play out like this.

    Rachelle rocks. You're in good hands.
    ~ Wendy

  34. You are so deserving of this, Krista! God is good, is HE not?

  35. I've been off line for two weeks, and look what happens! Blessings to your dear family. Congrats on signing with Rachelle.

  36. Wahoo! It's your year for the double! So glad for you, Krista.

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