I LOVE LOVE LOVE writing GOOD news posts!!!!

Annabelle was extubated today at 11:40 a.m. She’s done FABULOUSLY since then. No issues at all! She’s breathing easy and slow, something she almost NEVER EVER does. Her blood gas after extubation was really good, and they will take another one in the morning (usually we are taking them every few hours after extubation because of fear that she would need reintubated… that they feel comfortable not doing that is a GREAT GREAT sign!!)

She also has a GREAT cry this time!!! Yeah for vocal chords! She’s a little horse, but that is totally normal after being on the vent for a few days.

God is SO SO SO good, and continues to answer prayers! I really think this is *the* fix this time!

I made two signs for Annabelle’s door today. One, because her Annabelle signs are now at home on her door, is just for her name.

The other is because Annabelle’s room is a “negative thoughts free” zone! Only positive, good thoughts allowed!!!

Annabelle’s sisters are still having a good time in North Carolina. We did decide to have them stay an extra week though. It hurts my Mommy heart, but I think they will have a MUCH better time there than if we were trying to coordinate their care if we are still in the hospital. I hope to maybe be HOME by next weekend, but we don’t know that for sure, and I’d still like a few days once she gets home to be able to get into a routine for her care before throwing the other three munchkins in the mix.

That said, I miss them terribly. We Skyped tonight, and I LOVED seeing them. Can’t wait to give them big hugs again!!!

At the moment, Annabelle is watching Veggie-tales, and is pretty happy. She FINALLY pooped today, (TMI I know) but she hadn’t done so since Tuesday and oh my. Let’s just say the nurse let out a pretty big scream when she saw it. About 3 other nurses came to see what was wrong. It was pretty funny!

I got a GOOD nap today. Dr had given me pain meds yesterday and said, “You might not want to take them, they’ll make you sleepy.” HA HA HA! I took them VERY willingly, as anything that assists me to sleep in this wonderful chair in the back of the room AND takes away foot pain is very welcome! I took a NICE nap today, which rarely every happens. I’m starting to feel a little sane again!

THANK YOU for your continued prayers! You all are AMAZING. If you can add a little girl named Allison to your prayers as well, I know her parents would appreciate it. I don’t know them well, but have spoken with them several times. The last time I was in the ICU, she was fixing to go to surgery again, and they were hoping it would help. Well, I talked to her mom last night, and she said the surgery wasn’t very successful, and little Allison is in great need of prayers. She is about 3 or 4 months old now, and just so very precious, as is ALL of God’s children.

Your prayers for this little one and for her divine healing, and peace for her parents, are so appreciated!

And continued prayers for Miss Anna Reese (Annabelle’s best PICU friend) are appreciated too. She is at home and thriving now, but will come back for a heart cath first part of July. She still needs a lot of healing in her lungs, as well as her heart. Prayers for her Momma (and Daddy) as they take care of this precious little girl at home are appreciated too!!! I can’t WAIT for the day when Annabelle and Anna Reese are old enough and well enough to PLAY together. It will be a grand day indeed!!

Playing with my toy!!!! Look how GOOD I’m doing!!!

Momma left all my bows at home (Daddy is bringing some tonight…) so the nurse made one out of a little ribbon from my balloon Momma brought me (balloons are my FAV!). Isn’t it pretty?!?  It’ll do anyway until my real hair bows get here tonight! Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my binky???



  1. I'm going to use a word I believe you have used before "squeee"!! That is all.

  2. I'm amazed at how God worked out the timing with the little ones going away for a visit. That's been my thinking all along, wow what timing! Annabelle looks so good. Praying that this is "the" fix and she'll be home very soon. God Bless you all ~

  3. YES!!!!! This is wonderful news! We will continue to pray!

  4. So happy to read this post tonight. Continued prayers for all of you!

  5. Krista, I just had to comment on this one. I have commented before about my HLHS son, Simon. I saw the pic where Annabelle is holding her toy and looking at the camera and just had to say I have seen that look on my son's face so much!!! He is 13 months and I'm sure I see it every time I hold up a camera…Lol!!! I am practically giddy with joy over how well she is doing! I have prayed and prayed the last few days for her healing and that the repair would be the answer to Annabelle's troubles.

  6. So happy and relieved to see her off the vent and looking so pink and plump! 🙂 Here's hoping you get to go home soon!

  7. I never use your favorite scream but now I do … "squeeee!!!!!!"
    This is such good news!
    And, as it is Pentecost Sunday here, so appropriate to read about God's healing power in action!
    Thank you, Lord!

    Continued prayers for all, of course! ♥

  8. TWO WORDS………



    Praying without ceasing!

    ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^

    Linda and family in Iowa.

  9. Thank you God, she looks so wonderful!!!!!!

  10. I can't believe how great she looks…oh wait, YES I can because our GOD is amazing!!!!!! Much love and prayers, Jessica Scranton!

  11. Oh,THANK YOU, JESUS! What wonderful, good news! Will continue to pray and add Anna Reese and Allison, too. (Should be easy to remember triple A's AAA 😉

    Thanks for sharing the good news. Also glad to hear that you got some much needed rest (and also grateful to the dr. giving the needed assistance in that area).

  12. I am SO pleased at all the good news! How awesome is God?

    Heart hugs,

  13. Praise the Lord!!! God is faithful. She looks gorgeous!!!

  14. I have followed your blog for several months now, I have to say this is the BEST I have seen her look yet!!!!

  15. Annabelle looks so beautiful! I can tell that she's feeling better just by her pictures. I'm so thankful for good news! Praise the Lord!!

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