Have you ever felt like you were going out of your mind?

Ok, ok, stop shouting with your hand waiving in the air. I heard you already!

I had great plans of being faithful to my blog this week, but, well, life happened. Work has been crazy busy and I’m just needing to make it through this week! In fact, I’ll be working on my quarter payroll tax file tonight while watching Biggest Loser, go figure!

Writing related? Well, the guidelines for the Genesis contest were released yesterday, which I’m uber excited about. I found ACFW last year about a month too late to enter, which was good though because my manuscript wasn’t even close to ready! I think it is about there now, and I’m excited to enter! Please keep me in your prayers as I fine tune my manuscript(s) for preparation to enter.

Regardless if I final or win, I’m really excited to get the feedback. I entered a contest a few months ago and got such helpful feedback and made much needed changes, so I’m curious to see if people have a better reaction or not.

It is also spurring me on to edit LOL faster! I’m doing a read through at the moment and am 2/3rds of the way through. It’s amazing how many little things I still find, missing words like the and a, and just things that now sound really stupid. Did I really write that?? Ha!

It’s a process, I know, but I’m enjoying the ride!



  1. Press on, sister.
    I’m entering Genesis as well. I joined too late last year…funny, we’re kinda the same there. I wasn’t ready then, either.

    Are you entering any more contests? I am finding them fun, exciting, scary…but worth it when you get the feedback from the judges. It’s great!

  2. I might… if I know about them! if you know of any good fiction contests for unpubed authors I’m always game:-)

    They are fun exciting and scary! There’s that pit your stomach that say’s “Ack, what if they hate me!” but it is usually so worth it, even if you don’t win, to get the judges feedback.

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