Yes, indeed, God does answer prayers.

Real life example from Saturday.

I went to my sisters house for my nephews birthday party, and for some DUMB reason when I left here, I put my flash drive in my pocket.

My flash drive, BTW, holds my current WIP as well as the completed in editing stages book, on top of all my old verions I’ve disgarded, and it also holds a very large # of pictures from my digital camera (it is 4GB and I just haven’t taken the time to store them elsewhere)

Anyway, I got home, and all was well.

I changed into my PJ’s and did my 100 situps (ouch), and all was well.

I switched laundry, and started the washing machine, and all was well.

I did a few other things, and sat down at my computer. Again, all was well.

I checked my blog and a few other sites, and then decided to work on my editing. Erch, stop. All was NOT well.

I had no flash drive.

It was in my short’s pocket.

My shorts were in the washing machine, getting washed.

I ran to the machine, but to my dismay it was at the end of the spin cycle. I stopped the washer, and sifted through the wet heavy clothes until I found my shorts.

The pocket was empty.

I tore through my house, praying that it had just fallen out. I couldn’t find it. I went back to the washer and methodically took out and shook each piece of wet dripping clothing.

FInally, towards the end I see it. My black flash drive. At the bottom of the washer.

I took it out and brought it back to my room. I did what any good Christian writer would do.

I got down on my knees and prayed to God that it still worked. I begged and begged and begged. I prayed for one more chance! I’d been reminding myself that I needed to back the stuff up on a CD or hard drive or something, but had just gotten too busy.

Climbing onto my bed, I set my laptop on my lap, sent up one last prayer heavenward, and inserted the flash drive into my USB port.

I heard a ding. I waited.

Moments later, a glorious sight.

The box where it asks what program you want to use to view the contents came up. I had a ray of hope.

I clicked the “folders” options, and again I waited.

Then, the most glorious sight of all.

My folders. My stories. My pictures. They were all there. Safe and sound.

I don’t know if flash drives are water proof, or if God truely did answer my prayers, but I don’t care which. I personally will swear it was God till the day I die, and am thinking Best Buy and a back up harddrive are looking really good right now. It’s kinda like Kaye said at our MTCW group last Saturday. You are gonna make a mistake the first time, but if you don’t learn from it, it’s just plain not natural.



  1. That reminds me of a story that happened at school one day. We were all out at recess and a sweet little girl ran up to us group of teachers all frantic. She’d lost her necklace that her mother had given her – a TINY little pendant. We knew that finding a pendant like that in the middle of a playground full of mulch would literally be like finding a needle in a haystack. My one teacher friend said, “Calm down and let’s pray.” They prayed that since God knew right where it was that he show them where to find it. Then they got up and looked where the little girl had thought she’d lost it and within five minutes they’d found it! I will always remember that. What a wonderful example it was for that little girl that, yes, God DOES answer prayer!

  2. Krista, God remembers that we are dust, and he watches over us. I’m so happy you recovered everything!

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