It isn’t always in our timing.

In fact, I’ve found lately, it’s rarely in our timing.

And it isn’t always in the “packaging” we’d like.

But God always come through.

Like on Thursday when a simple act of wanting to let Annabelle and Anna Reese have a “lunch” date turned into a hair-raising day with a comedy of events that almost derailed the entire day. But in the end, we met, we ate, we laughed at the crazy stuff (like me forgetting my phone… almost coming in my PJ’s… meeting at two different restaurants because we had the name of the restaurant wrong… just to name a few.)

Thank you, Jesus, for good friends and for good laughs.

Annabelle: Man, my momma is so mean. She won’t let me out so I can show you how good I walk. I totally almost made it outside right before you came!
Anna Reese: Sure. Yeah right. I believe you. Not!
Annabelle: Don’t you see these crazy brace things I have on my legs? They aren’t there for decoration, girl.
Anna Reese: Okay, fine. So you can walk. At least I have hair!
Annabelle: I, uh, like not having hair. Don’t have to brush it.
Anna Reese: Whatever. You’re jealous. I have a cool bow too.
Annabelle: Dude, seriously, keep the bow. My mom tries to make me wear them. I HATE it.
Anna Reese: Yeah, I do too. My mom makes me though, so I’m trying to think happy thoughts about it.
Annabelle: *sigh* Moms. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.

It’s like on Friday, when I came home to a ridiculously hot house. While the air was working some… our house was WAY too warm, showing that it wasn’t working well. $$$’s swarmed in my head as we’d already been told that our AC was on it’s last legs. I feared this was the beginning of the end, and a not-working air conditioner is not acceptable for ANY one in this heat, but it’s definitely not acceptable for Annabelle.

But I happened to reach back behind my rocking chair for something, and in the process, noticed that NO air was blowing from that particular vent. I checked others, and cool (not cold) air was coming from them. I showed hubby, and we took a flashlight to look at it.

No air duct was attached. A trip to the crawl space (which was actually very cool… since it’d had cold air blowing in for who knows how long!) and a butt-load of duct tape later… cold air was coming out of all of our vents since we were no longer trying to air condition our crawl space. Go figure!

Thank you, Jesus, for air conditioners that keep on trucking!

Or when we woke up Saturday morning and couldn’t find Annabelle’s way-too-expensive glasses. (another $$$ moment.)

We searched the house. Like, really searched. I even pulled on my big-girl-mommy-pants and sifted through a bag of dirty diapers I’d dumped the night before, on the chance that Annabelle had felt the need to show us her TRUE feelings about her glasses and thrown them in the diaper pail. Good news: they weren’t mixed with dirty diapers. bad news: I dug through poop for nothing.

Sunday morning, I was walking through the living room and a thought hit me. I opened the hall closet, and low and behold, on a shelf, was Annabelle’s glasses.

Thank you, Jesus, for glasses that let my sweet Annabelle SEE!

Life isn’t always easy. There are frustrations and pain and suffering, from little things to the big things. But God cares. And He loves us.

This is where so many people stand up and say, “But God didn’t do _____________ for me. He didn’t stop ____ from happening, or _______ from dying.”

I get that. I really really do. He didn’t stop Annabelle’s heart from being broken when she was born. He could have. But he didn’t.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I do know that my God takes care of me. I do know that if I trust him, and if I make the choice to praise Him during the though times, that He will be peace from our sorrows, and joy in the morning.

Ah, and what a morning that will be!

Discussion: What things do YOU thank God for today?

Two sweet miracles right there! (Anna Reese’s grandma is holding her)


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