Growing up, I have heard the analogy more times than I can count of God driving a car. We are sitting here, driving our car, and God wants to drive. As Christians, we need to get in the backseat, or passenger side (depending on the version of the story) and let God do the driving.

I view it a little differently some days though, mostly cause my head thinks logically and for some reason it needs a different metaphor. I think we ARE the car. Do we try to drive it ourselves? No, that would be dumb, a car can’t drive itself (except night-rider.. but that is different…). So, if we ARE the car, who is driving? Is God driving the car? Or is Satan? Or are we just sitting there idle, not being driven at all?

So many times we want to be ourselves, we want to ‘drive’ our own car. We want to be STRONG and courageous. We are women, hear us roar! We are CHRISTIANS! See us be awesome for God! But really, we can’t. Only God can use us to our full potential. If we try to take over, we crash, because then no one is at the wheel. And when we crash, guess who is there, ready to take over?? You betcha! It is that mean ole wicked nasty devil dude.

I find myself lately in Neutral. I have so many places I HAVE to go. So many places I WANT to go. and So many places I feel that God wants me to head towards. I try to do it all, and God is reminding me constantly, and with a pretty loud voice, that I better just prepare myself and let him do his job. I need to make sure my motor is running, and I am all fueled up and ready to go, but I gotta let God drive. I gotta let him give me the gas (even when it costs $4.00 a gallon!) and him steer. He gets the gas petal, he gets the brake petal. I just gotta yield to him.

It is harder than it sounds. WOW is it difficult.

I have more to write, but I’ll post later. I gotta think 🙂