A cute little man is a part of a “competition”, the winner gets $30k contributed to his children’s hospital of choice. This little man’s is Vanderbilt Children’s, which is Annabelle’s hospital!
Obviously we get behind and support like crazy anything that will help out the hospital that made such a difference in our lives.

Voting is easy. You don’t even have to watch the video if you don’t have time. Just click the button. You can click once per day, per computer. NO registering. Just two seconds of your time.


Tomorrow is the deadline for voting to see what last video goes on to be a finalist. So you can vote today and tomorrow! 


(Skinny Friday Update)

Mid-week, I was doing pretty good on Skinny Friday.

it all went down hill. I didn’t gain anything though (well, I’d lost a
pound, then gained it back, but the net was zero) so at least there’s

It’s just been an up and down week emotionally, and while I know I SHOULDN’T… my emotions play a big part in my eating.

It didn’t help that Lacy needed chocolate chip cookies for school today.

And how does one make chocolate chip cookies with out testing the
batter then subsequently testing the finished product? Impossible, I
tell ya!



  1. Okay, I looked through the other videos… He has 4 in front of him! *gulp* and there is over a thousand votes separating him and the leader.

    But it is not hopeless! HE NEEDS YOUR VOTE!

    (Do I sound like a politician yet?!?)

  2. He is so cute!! 🙂 voted for him!!

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