Annabelle is on the floor AGAIN for the THIRD time since transplant! Fun that it came on the one-month anniversary of her getting her heart! GOOD timing!

I’m praying really hard this is the “one.” The last trip up from the PICU. The last step before going HOME.

I think it is this time. I really do. All day yesterday, I felt hope. Bringing her multiple carts full of stuff up here, I couldn’t wipe the big grin off my face. She has a new heart, is breathing well, and her diaphragm is fixed. There isn’t much of anything else to “do” to make her breathe better, other than let her have time to “grow” which we hope to be able to do at HOME.

We hope to get her last chest tube out today.

Going to ask about her swallow study which we’ve been waiting to do until she has a stable respiratory status. Since she’s finally stable…. maybe soon?

She’s on a 1/3 of a liter of oxygen. She didn’t quite like a 1/4th yet (we’ve tried twice…), but we’re below a half for the first time in a long time!

Oh, and a PRAISE for Miss Anna Reese, Annabelle’s friend that I’ve asked you to pray for in the past. She is doing WELL, and hopefully will come to the floor sometime this week too (maybe today?!?) She still need lots more strength in her breathing and coughing before she can go home, so continued prayers that she can take good, deep breathes (just like Annabelle!) are appreciated!! With God’s strength, she has defied all those doctors who said she would never make it without a trach though… so YEAH GOD!!!!

On the home base, everyone is doing well for the most part.

A prayer request though: Our dishwasher burst.. or a pipe did… or something. All I know is that they heard running water and finally realized nothing “should” be running, and found water gushing down the air vent next to the dishwasher on the floor. Have NO idea how long it had been running, and how far reaching the water spread under the floor (some of the carpet in the living room is damp… NEW carpet as of last fall I might add!)

I’m sure it’s fixable… I’m just worried about water damage/mold and that kind of stuff. Scott is going to look at it today, so please pray he can figure out what to do about it and that we don’t have to hire someone to come fix it ($$$$)! Our wonderful neighbor was nice to crawl under the house while Scott was at work tonight and cut out the duct work that was wet and tie it off so my mother-in-law could turn the air conditioner back on… since it is HOT today, and has agreed to, once all the water is cleaned up, come back and fix the duct work for us (he works in HVAC). *sigh* If it isn’t one thing, it’s another, but thank Jesus for kind neighbors!



  1. YAY FLOOR! 😀 Praying that you guys can get home very soon!
    Jennifer, Micah, +Kids

  2. Yay for floor, then out the door, praying! As for pipes & floods, I know a bit too much about that so YUCK! Annabelle looks too darling. Love to see her smile! Praying,praying,praying for you all!

  3. Yeah for the floor! One step closer to home! What an answer to prayer.

    Will be praying the water gets cleared up, the dishwasher fixed and NO MOLD to grow!

  4. So exciting to make the big move again! I just love that picture w/ Annabelle's smile. And good luck w/ the dishwasher. As if you need one more challenge. 🙂

  5. Hooray! 🙂 Still praying…
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. YIPPEE for Annabelle – – love it that she's back "on the floor"!!! Also, its so nice to see pictures of Annabelle w/o the nook in her mouth – we can see that beautiful little girl's face….. she is ADOREABLE and that seat looks like a car seat and I just closed my eyes imagining her in the back of your car/van going HOME for the first time in her over 9 mos of life. Oh what a day that will be!!! praying hard that day comes SOON so that you can finally have your whole family under one roof!

    Deb Mathy
    Green Bay, WI

  7. Deb, yes, I'd agree, her face IS beautiful!!!!

    If anyone's curious, the REASON you see Annabelle's binky in her mouth so much is because… well… it IS!

    Annabelle has NEVER eaten by mouth (outside of 2 swallow studies wehre she took about a tenth of an ounce…) so it is REALLY important that we keep her "suck" reflex and don't get an oral aversion to things being in her mouth. Our hope is that her love for her pacifier will help ease transition to taking food by mouth! Regardless… it's not going to be simple.

  8. loved seeing pics of Annabelle…..and glad that you are one step closer to home!!! and as far as the nuk….from one cardiac mom to another…….
    when nothing else can soothe or bring comfort from all the invasive things that we need to allow to be done to these babies….I am so thankful for the blanket and the nuk.
    I can only imagine that it will also help with the transition to eating… has amazed me how something we so take for granted is still a learned thing and can be lost. Feeding therapy is as much a part of all this as is occupational and physical therapy…. I too have to remind myself to remove the nuk for pics, but I must say that I got a cute one of our little girl drinking a milkshake the other day!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope your water does not prove to leave you with more of a mess than what is right now!! I will be so happy to read you are going to go home soon!!! Toni

  9. Awesome news! So glad that Annabelle is on the up-and-up! Thank you for the update on Anna Reese too. Just last night she popped into my head and I was planning on asking you about her today. I'm glad to hear she's doing well too! Praise God for good news on all fronts (except for the dishwasher)! Blessings to you!

  10. Annabelle is so beautiful. It's exciting to see her doing well. I think about when I first learned of her heart problem–and now this! I know you don't need one more problem, but it seems like plumbing issues never go away, at least in my experience.

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