…. but probably won’t any time soon. 

#5 – Oreo cookies. Went grocery shopping yesterday and in a moment of weakness, grabbed a bag of double-stuffed. I, uh, may have eaten 1/3rd of the package already in lieu of lunch. I really just need to never, ever have them again. It would be so much better for me.

In my defense, it’d been a few months since I’d given in. Progress, eh?

#4 – Facebook. It steals way too much of my time. I’d get so much more done if I just deleted it all, once and for all.

But then I’d have to, like, get everyone’s phone numbers and remember how to call people! And goodness, I might even have to, like, meet with people… IN PERSON. Crazy talk….

#3 – TV. I’m not addicted as much as some other people. But I’ll confess. I do have a few shows that I’m addicted to. And I do the whole “use it as a babysitter” thing way more than I should. I’m one of “those” moms the experts talk about. But hey, Signing Time has helped my kid learn signs… and I’m learning with her.

And Barney has taught her songs…

And Wheel of Fortune has taught us spelling…

And Price is Right has taught us math….

And 24 has taught us how to survive a nuclear bomb and all sorts of terrorist stuff…. (my blog will probably be red flagged at the Pentagon because I used that word… and the NSA will tap into all my phone calls…. and CTU will have me under satellite surveillance… wait…)

#2 – Trying to coupon. I always buy the dad gum newspaper and either forget to clip, or by the time I get to it, they are all expired, or when I DO clip, they are all for expensive stuff that I would never get anyway because it’s cheaper to get the generic, even with a coupon.

Yet… it never fails. Every month or so I give in to the pile of Sunday papers in the grocery store for one last attempt….

#1 – Dr. Pepper. I’ve tried. I was almost successful a few times. I’ve changed from trying to give it up to just trying to cut back, because my family was beginning to hate me when I was Dr. Pepper free.

I excuse it this way…

I’ve never tried a cigarette.
And I’ve never even consumed alcohol, much less done so in “excess.”

I’m not saying I’m all high-and-mighty and goody-goody because of those two things. Lots of amazing Christians I know do one of those things and I have it on good authority that Jesus still loves them.

All I’m saying is… I think I’ve earned a right to indulge in a little DP. 🙂 (As I type this, I’m fully aware that I’m trying to justify myself to NO ONE except for myself– and Dr Pepper is interchangeable with McDonald’s Large Coke too… I’m not picky between the two!)

Oh, and if I was going to add a #6 to this list, it would be chocolate brownies. Oreos just trumped today because it was fresh in my mind…

So what about you? What’s one thing in your life that you REALLY should stop doing/eating/watching, but have some really BAD (I mean good…) excuses for?



  1. My fatal weaknesses: ice cream, Diet Dr. Pepper, chocolate chip cookies, white cheddar popcorn, and sea salt/vinegar chips. If we're being real, I could probably add binge-watching old CW/WB shows on Netflix to the list 🙂

  2. I did the same thing this week, Krista. (And it had been a few months for me, too). For me its the Marshmallow Krispie Oreo. Thankfully I've not even been able to find it as its been phasing out, but Liz pointed out to me that our Wal-mart had it.

    Oh but I have to tell you on the coupons, there's a better way. Go to an online place like My Coupon Hunter and buy just the ones you want. For me it ends up cheaper than getting 3 papers (what I used to do). They clip them for you and they come later in the week. I just got an envelope of them today. All I have to do is put them in the categories in the coupon pouch each week (takes me probably 10 minutes tops).

    Facebook is a rough one for me, too. And coffee.

  3. I hear you about the Oreos! I can eat 6-7 before I even realize what I'm doing. 🙂

  4. "Everything in moderation." Diet Pepsi and chocolate for me!

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