Wonderful author Patti Lacy posted a fun picture on her blog not long ago, and asked commenters to “storify” it.

If you must know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE brainstorming activities. Even if it’s not something I’d ever write, just stretching my mind to think of the most unique story from something simple is great fun. Take, for example, my post last year where I turned “horror” writer after seeing a message written in paint on the back of a car during my lunch break.

So… in honor of Patti’s fun picture (hope that you don’t mind that I stole it!), here is my “story”:


Lindsay Palmer stuffed her trembling hands into the pockets of her black jacket and ducked into the religion aisle of the library, hoping he hadn’t seen her.

How had he known she’d be here? Was he following her? She had no clue how she’d get out unseen now.

A figure appeared down the row, and she sucked in a breath, but the tall man with brown hair wasn’t Jacob. She released the air trapped in her lungs and grabbed the first book her hand came to.

“That’s a good pick.”

She glanced at the man, irritated that he would be rude enough to talk in the library. He might blow her cover. Glancing at the title, she tried not to snort. “Well, yeah, I’m an agnostic, so not sure this is the right one for me.”

The handsome man arched an eyebrow and pulled out a book of his own. “It’s probably the perfect one then.”

The Case for Christ? She’d been down the religious road before, and what good had it done her then? She started to tell him where he could put his religious garbage, but another shadow appeared behind him, and her mouth went dry.

She ran down the other end of the aisle and sprinted for the front door. Ignoring the yells from the librarians, Lindsay made it past the automatic doors and pushed through the pedestrian traffic, hoping to blend in with the crowd.

She took as many turns as she could before stopping for breath in front of a little Greek cafe. A sweet couple sat at one of the tables on the sidewalk, so she took the one next to them, positioning herself so she’d have full view of the pedestrians.

Desperation clawed at her throat. Jacob wouldn’t give up until he found her. And when he did, it wouldn’t be pretty.

The waiter offered to bring her a drink, and she accepted, ordering a tea. Belated, she remembered she had no money on her. Great, she’d have to dine and dash. No worse than all her other transgressions though.

Lindsay glanced down at the paperback still clutched in her hand. The Case for Christ? Ha. She thumbed through a few pages and sighed. Some days it’d almost be nice to believe again, but it was all just an illusion. She’d keep her feet firmly planted to the ground, thank you very much.

A moment later, sipping on her tea, she started to read the first page for fun, but a large hand pulled the book from her hand.

“Jaco–” she looked up, but instead of the man who wanted her dead, she saw the dude from the library.

“Hurry, he’s right behind me.”

He pulled on her hand, and against her better judgment, she stood. “I don’t understand.”

The brute all but shoved her in front of him, his hand on the small of her back pushing hard. “Go. Now.”

She resisted. “I’m not going anywhere with you. I don’t even know–“

Before she could protest, he backed her into an entry way of a store, partially hidden behind an awning, and kissed her hard.

She wanted to scream, hit him, or kick, but something inside her shut down. Maybe it was her lack of sleep, lack of nourishment of late, or the fact that his lips felt strangely good and the arms around her protective.

When he released her almost a full two minutes later, he grimaced. “Sorry. But he was right behind me. I think he passed now. I have to get you out of here.”

She touched her lips, unable to speak. He pushed her again, back in the direction of the cafe and library. This time, though she had no idea why, she followed willingly.


And that, my friends, is the story of the book sitting on the table at the Greek cafe. Obviously I took a billion liberties and it would be a romantic suspense type deal.

I really have no clue why Jacob wants her dead or how the mystery dude comes into it, but if I were to write story… I’d figure it out.


What do YOU all think? Anyone want to brainstorm with me?

Jacob wants her dead because _________
Mystery dude is _______________

I’m really interested in what you all come up with!
***Note*** Please do not judge my writing abilities on the above excerpt. It was written in haste and off the top of my head, and is largely unedited.



  1. Actually, I thought the writing was pretty solid. 🙂
    I loved the kiss. *happy sigh* Stuff like that is so romantic, as long as the guy's the hero, of course. LOL Don't want a stinky stranger kissing her.
    So…I'm not a good brainstormer but maybe Jacob wants her dead because she's a computer hacker who stumbled onto his illegal activities? Heeeheee.
    And the guy is an agent who's been following her. The government knows she's been hacking but they want to use her to catch Jacob.
    Ha! I know that plots been done, but it's still fun, imo.
    Have a good day Krista!

  2. LOL Jessica. I'd have never thought of a computer hacker theme… WELL DONE!

  3. Jacob wants her dead because she is the payroll rep who has messed up his paycheck for 44 weeks in a row. The mystery stranger is an internal auditor. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm so not a writer.

  4. I remember that picture from Patti's blog, and you did wonders with it. Loved it, Krista!

  5. Just dropping in to say: HI!! Hope you are having an awesome day!
    Blessings, andrea

  6. HOW FUN!!!!! I cracked up to see my name on the first line and worried, "Oh, no. What did I do wrong NOW?"""""

    Jacob wants her dead because she stole his geocache clue. The man takes his new hobby really seriously.

    The mystery man, also a geocacher, saw her with his absolute favorite book and assumed "she was the one."

    The kiss signifies that this relationship will kinda go backward…

    LOVE it!!!


  7. You all have such fun ideas… hackers, payroll geeks, and geocaching.

    Hey, you could probably figure out a way to combine them all. Add conflict and subplots right?!?

  8. If that is unedited I'm in total awe, Krista!! You WILL be published soon if you can pull a whole story off like that. It was wonderful and I want to see a romance between the dude and her blossom for sure.

    Too tired to brainstorm here, but if you ever create a full book out of this, I want it!

  9. That was awesome! I want to

    -Alisa Hope
    First Friday Fiction

  10. I thought you did great! You kept me moving right along with her:))

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