No, I’m not talking about a fear of giants or morbidly obese individuals. *grin*

Remember Moses? Of course you do, he’s the dude that God used to part the red sea, deliver the Ten Commandments and pretty much whip the Israelites into shape. He’s the one that had to face Pharaoh and say confidently, “God says, LET MY PEOPLE GO!”

Can you imagine? *shutter*

First, he faces God himself in a burning bush. That’s pretty freaky right there, people. I think I’d be faint on the ground and he’d have to singe my feet with that fire of his to wake me up. Moses? He did pretty close. He hid his face in fear.

So, you have this guy, who’s pretty much a pansy at this point, talking to God.

Krista Pause God is almighty. He is the biggest of the biggies. He is the MOST important of all, and we SHOULD have a healthy fear of Him.

Now, back to wimpy Moses. God tells him that he’s sending him to Pharaoh to get the Israelites freed. What does Moses do? Does he say, “Yes sir.”?

No. Here is his response: “Seriously God? You talking to me? Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the sons of Israel out of Egypt?” That seems reasonable. Moses is thinking, I’m pretty much the equivalent of dirt, God, and you want me to do something so huge? Really?

Then God, seemingly patient with Moses, explains exactly his intentions. Moses’ response? “What if they won’t believe me, or listen to me?” I don’t know about you all, but can we say a WHINER?

Then God shows him how to prove that God sent him by using the staff that turns into a snake and the whole leprosy thing. And what does Moses say? “Please Lord. I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since. I can’t put two sentences together right!”

Then God reminds him who made his mouth. Moses still doesn’t get it. “Please lord, send the message by whomever you will.” DUH Moses. That’s YOU!

God’s getting pretty ticked at this point, and finally tells Moses he can ask Aaron for help in the speaking area.

Moses then realizes that God has defeated all of his lame excuses, and complies.

Skip ahead in the story, and we see Moses with Pharaoh. I won’t go into a long “Krista” version of THAT story, but to say the least, Moses has some shining moments and “Hey Aaron, can we just keep that between you and me” moments.

But he faces his big people. He has to work with them, commune with them, battle with them, talk smack to them (not to God of course, but to Pharaoh). But he does it. He conquers his fear of big people and gets the job done with God’s, and Aaron’s, help.

DISCUSSION: Who are the “big” people you fear? They don’t have to be BAD people like Pharaoh, but people you are nervous to be yourself around because of their status. Are there certain “blogs” you are too in awe of to comment on? Has God ever asked you to get out of your comfort zone and “commune” with a big person that you felt the size of a pencil tip in comparison to?

I have to admit my own failings here. I have a huge fear…er respect… of people that are above me in rank. I shake in my shoes whenever I post a comment on an agents/editors blog, or even a published author’s blog. But recently, God showed me that my fear of that is really goofy. I posted a comment, my first I think, on TN CEO Michael Hyatt’s blog yesterday. He responds to many of the comments on his blog, so he did mine. There was a time, like maybe two days ago, that I would have hyperventilated at the thought of the CEO of a company having read MY name and responding to MY comment. But I’m thinking to myself… this guy is normal. Sure, he has a huge job, but he’s a husband, dad, employee, blogger just like the rest of us. I need to get over it, smile, and at least PRETEND like my heart was beating at a regular pace.

So, again, I ask you, who are the big people in YOUR life?

Note: The bible verses quoted in here are from the NASB version… with a Krista twist put on some of them. Please don’t go searching your Bible versions for where Moses says, “Seriously God.”



  1. Fear no one but God. He’s worth the fear the rest are not. Hop on over to blog I’d love to have you visit! 🙂

  2. Hi Krista! I saw your comment on Mary’s So You Wanna Be Published Blog. (you know, the critique with all the adverbs!)

    Yes to fear of the Big people, but I am trying to get out of that. Posting on Mary’s for a critique was a big step for me. It is just only going to make me better, I think, because T. Anne is right…fear no one but God.

    Oh..I follow Michael Hyatt on Twitter and he seems like a down to earth kind of guy. 😉

  3. T.Ann, you are so right! And about your blog…

    My laptop is stupid. For some reason there are certain type of comment structures that don’t let me comment (it just sits there and does nothing while after I click comment), so I DO read your blog, I just can’t comment unless I’m on my desktop which is rare:-)

    Sherrinda, thanks for stopping by! i loved Mary’s critique of the adverbs *grin* I SO can see that it was a big step, it was my first time commenting there and again, I was biting my nails as I clicked send.

    Please understand everyone that this was a blog post trying to convince my OWN self that I needed not to fear big people too. I so do not have in conquered! *sigh*

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