This title is horrible, I know. But this is how I feel! I’ve gained THREE pounds back when I am SUPPOSED to be losing weight. Granted, I haven’t been sticking to my diet at all and haven’t been exercising even CLOSE to as much as I should, so I can’t really blame my crazy body for going all haywire on me and packing on the pounds.

So I am dubbing Friday from now on, “Fat Friday’s.” Now, why not “fatLESS Fridays?” Because I have to remind myself of what I’m fighting against.

It is only a little over 3 months until the ACFW conference. *gasp* and I REALLY want to lose weight by then. I really really do! So, y’all are gonna help me stay accountable. NO, I’m not broadcasting my humiliating weight all over the Internet. But, I do promise to humbling tell you each Friday if I’ve gained or lost any pounds and relay THAT plus/minus number.

So today, I’m at zero. Wow, that feels good.

Next Friday… *groan* I have a food filled week coming up, including Gabby’s birthday party, in-laws in town for the weekend, and Monday kids are going to g-mas and g-pas for TWO weeks, which means temptation to just go out to eat, so my prayer is just to stay at zero!

All you skinny-minny’s that don’t struggle with weight, you can just taunt me, kay? Seriously, I am SO competitive. A little, “ha ha ha ha ha, I am skinnier than you!” will get my competitive juices flowing and make you rue the day you dared to mess with me.

Okay, I’m getting scary now. Not my purpose! LOL.

Discussion: Seriously feel free to taunt away. And if you’re like me, feel free to be ZERO today and to come back other Friday’s and share how you are doing! September is my goal date, and uh, I haven’t set a # goal yet. I’m still thinking about that, Too many is unachievable and will make me feel bad. Too few will make me not try hard enough. Ugh.



  1. I wish I could help you with the competition here! But I honestly have not stepped on the scale in years (except when I was pregnant and had to get on at the doctor's office). If my clothes get too tight, then I usually cut back on the icecream! But I can help you by asking and bugging you every Friday! And then knowing you'll see us all at ACFW might help!

    Enjoy your two weeks without the kiddos. Wow! I think I'd go berserk if I didn't have my daily dose of chaos! But I'm sure you'll get refreshed and LOTS of great writing done!

  2. My advice is to not worry about the number. If you're having difficulty walking up stairs without breathing hard, then maybe you need to get a bit slimmer. If your doc is telling you for health reasons you need to lose a few pounds, then okay. But if it doesn't fall into those two categories, I wouldn't put so much effort into worrying about weight. Of course, I'm one of those guys who thinks women worry about their size and weight way more than they should. Have fun at ACFW in any event.

  3. There IS a reason I haven't stepped onto my Wii Fit in over a month. I am sure I am doing the opposite of helping my fears by NOT getting on it, but I prefer to gauge my size by how well my skinny pants fit me 😉

    It's all about will power, just like with becoming an author. If you want it enough, it will happen!

    Good Luck!

  4. I should join you in keeping track of the #s. So ok. I'm at 0 today. Woohoo! Now this can keep me focused. I'll get all competitive too. So let's see how we do on our first week. Let's get to walking those buns off.

  5. Okay, I have to warn you. I am skinny and always have been. But I'm NOT going to taunt you because I've seen my family members worry and worry about their weight.
    I hope you're able to lose what you want, but also that you don't stress about it. It's important to be healthy and feel confident, but not to stress over your body. 🙂 I'll bet you'll do great. If you're aware of what you're eating, that helps.

    Two weeks without kids? I can't imagine. LOL Have FUN!

  6. Jody: Congrats for you on your stellar weight management (as I gag in jealousy…. LOL j/k!) My hope is to get my weight to the point where I'm content with it, then do the whole (oh, I gained a bit, time to cut back on the sweets for a few weeks) One of these days…

    Eric: *sigh* I don't really worry, but I think a good self-confidence is important for women. When I groan everytime I look in the mirror… not healthy. I will FEEL much better if I lose the weight. And… my co-workers and I do the stairs once a day (we are on the sixth floor…) so YES, I am breathing quite heavily by the time we get back up to the top!

    Marybeth: I SO need to get back on my Wii Fit!! That's actually how I lost my first 15 (now 12) pounds!

    Lotisgirl: You are SO on!!! Zero, girlfriend! I expect to hear from you next Friday!

    Jessica: thanks, and like Jody, I'm trying not be jealous, LOL.

    Seriously, thanks everyone for your votes of confidence!!! My Friday's won't be strictly dedicated to my progress, but will also have some funny weight funnies and stories added to it. *grin* You'll want to stop by for a Friday grin, trust me!

  7. At coldwater creek (I believe) they have redone sizes and I believe I am a zero there. IS that funny? I'm actually a size six at my skinniest I was a four. I think I shall never see a four again. BTW, I have a mountain of guilt for just eating a chocolate donut for breakfast. But since it's fat friday I don't have to feel so bad. 😉

  8. You can do this!!! Step on the scales more often–toss the garbage and eat fat free:))

  9. Krista, I am joining you in this, my friend, and I appreciate the accountability! I had done WW 1-1/2 years ago and lost 40 pounds and last summer I started to gain again and gained 30 back!! Waahhh! I am an emotional eater and life has been…well…difficult. So, I hereby commit to stop in on Fridays and report in, Captain-My-Captain!

  10. T.Anne, you can SO have your chocolate donut. LOL. In fact, eat one for me, kay?

    Terry, now you're talking crazy. Fat Free? Less fat maybe… LOL I like meat WAY to much for that!

    Sherrinda! YEAH, so glad you are joining me. I officially dub you at ZERO!!!!

  11. LOLOLOL….don't I wish!!!!!!
    Zero, indeed!

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