Annabelle’s so hungry… she could eat her toes! 🙂

I’ve had Fat Friday’s ups and downs…

This week has been a plummet.

I’m not even weighing. It’ll just depress me and make me eat more. (I’ll actually probably weigh… but I’m writing this the night before and tomorrow will be a busy day, ha!)

Jackie made a great note last week, and was what I was going to talk about this week anyway.

Trying to lose weight in December SUCKS.

And it’s stressful. Stress I do NOT need this year. However, what I really don’t want to happen is to weight in on 1/1/12 and have gained back half the weight I’ve lost since September. I really really don’t!

So I’m on operation maintain. I might gain a couple pounds for the sake of the holiday, and I’m okay with that.

That said, I’ve had an awful food week. We made cookies, and I’m finding it VERY VERY HARD to be home during the day with them staring me in the face saying, “eat me… eat me… you know you want to!”

Yet, I’ve also FELT awful this week too. My stomach feels thicker and I’ve had zero energy and blah. I know it’s from an over-indulgence in Oreo truffles and chocolate caramel sugar cookies.

Not helping is the fact that I have my first writing deadline the end of next week, and I’m horribly nervous about it. I am a stress eater. Yet… when I eat when I’m stressed, it makes me feel worse. Go figure.

I’m determined to do better this next week, more just to FEEL better than to lose weight. I’ve sent plates full of cookies with hubby to work, and the kids finished off the last of them tonight. We’ll make some more weekend before Christmas to take to the hospital, and to have some for Santa, but they will be put away and out of site so I don’t have to look at them all day!

So… for the next three weeks…

It’s Operation MAINTAIN!

We can weight in the last Friday of December and report back to see how well we maintained, and start fresh for the new year!

Anyone else with me????


It’s a Christmas Miracle, folks!

I stepped on the scale today to assess the damage, fully determined to let it convince me to lay-off the crap eating this next week…

And I’m at ZERO.

Not like, zero pounds as in I’m the size of a pea… but zero fat FRIDAY pounds! I maintained!

I have no clue how that happened. NONE.

But I’ll take it. Now I just have to convince myself that this doesn’t mean I can eat like crap for the next week too…. 🙂



  1. Maintain is just the right word for this month! It's my word too as I have the typical Dutch Saint Nicholas celebration, my birthday and Christmas in one month. And it all involves good food …
    I dread the scale on 1-1-2012! LOL

    Annabelle eating her toes is adorable! 🙂

  2. Krista,
    I'm with you on "Operation Maintain". As you might have already read in a comment to a previous post, I had already taken a holiday hiatus. 🙂

    I also want to comment on your previous blog post concerning boasting … it was really touching. Thanks for being so transparent.

    You (and your family) are in our prayers.

  3. Riete… a typical dutch saint nicholas celebration… that sounds AMAZING!!! What all do you do??

    Maintain… yes, that IS the word! NO dreading scales allowed:-)

  4. LOL, Tammi… I should have probably declared it a few weeks ago,b ut I was determined to keep going.

    I've finally found my sanity and realized the stupidity of such a venture:-) Maintain… that is what we shall do!

  5. nice post thanks for sharing ! shalom soraya

  6. I didn't even go near the scale. I've done horrible the past few weeks. I desperately need to get it together!

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