Seriously? I’m on week NINE already???

That TOTALLY stinks. It’s humbling to realize that I’ve spent NINE weeks wasting time dieting. I’ve given in, done things half-heartedly, and geez that is irritating.

BUT, slightly good news to report! I’m down a pound and a half!

It’s a start. AND I feel MUCH better about myself this week. I finally feel like I’ve started a good reprimand that I can keep up with for a while, so HOPEFULLY over the next few weeks I can start losing a few pounds before conference.

What I changed:

Well, first, I finally got fed up with it. Which I think is the key. I got SUCH good suggestions last week in the comments section, and it really helped spur me on to realize I HAVE to change and put more effort into this.

So hubby and I each made a chart. We’ve done this before and we both lost a good bit of weight, so why not try it again, I thought.

Each week, I MAKE myself do a certain number of things. These are required, and since I am super competitive, I really try to BEAT my goals just to prove that I can. So instead of “trying to lose weight” I’m trying to do other stuff that will LEAD to losing weight. Does that make sense??

What’s on my chart, you ask?

  1. Calories: 1500 per day MAX – 7 days per week
  2. Situps: 200 per day (note: these are baby situps using the little situp thingy you see sold at almost every garagesale out there) – 4 days per week
  3. Stairs: I mentioned before, I work on the 6th floor. Goal is for coworker and I to “do” the stairs 5 times per week at min.
  4. Squats: 20 per day – 4 days per week
  5. Exercise: Either Wii Fit or walking – Totally 2 hours per week (or 30 min a day 4 x a week)

So that is my list of five things.

Below shows you were I’m at in the week. (notice I just started Monday, so my pound and a half is only 4 days into it! WOOHOO!)

Discussion: For those of you participating in fat friday, what’s your status? Lose anything? Found any new tricks that worked for you?? For those of you not participating, um, OH! How about you share your FAVORITE healthy snack/dessert? This can go for everyone.

I’ll start. I make strawberry jello with fat free cool whip. VERY good, low calorie, and it helps satisfy my sweet craving. For icecream, I found no sugar added fugdcyles for only FORTY CALORIES! YUM!



  1. I'm the worst about eating healthy snacks, but my two favorite low-fat desserts are: the 100 calorie pack of chocolate hostess cupcakes (they're only one point with Weight Watchers) and I love the Healthy Choice caramel icecream sandwiches. Both very yummy!

  2. Favorite snack EVER is apple slices with cheese. Oh my goodness, talk about delicious!!!

    Congrats on your pound and a half!!

  3. I love Jell-o! I think I've injured my arm playing Tennis yesterday so I am really worried about working out next week since 2/3 of our routine involves tennis 🙁

    Congrats on the loss. (Wow…that sounds kinda mean doesn't it!)

    Good luck next week. And NO I can't believe it's been 9 weeks! WOW

  4. I'm happy you've found something new to motivate you toward your goal. I've been participating but I don't usually leave a comment. Sorry–I guess I don't like to talk about my weight that much. But…I wanted to lose a bit before my trip next week and so far I'm down about 8 lbs. 😀 Good luck with your new plan! And watch out–bloggers out there are talking about marshmallow shakes and ice cream today, lol!

  5. Wooohooo! Congrats, Krista!

    Your goals are awesome. And I'm so glad someone else makes charts besides me!

  6. My current healthy snack kick is fresh, whole peaches.


  7. you know…i didn't realize you were doing these posts! i've been on a diet/exercise routine for almost 2 weeks with my husband. (he's just on the exercise routine…no need to diet) but i've written out some goals and want to accomplish them by jan. 1. at least, that's the plan. mayb all of us going to the ACFW conference can meet up in the gym in the mornings there and work out! at least, that's MY goal. Sundays is my only day off!

  8. Wow, Krista! Sounds like an awesome plan! I'm proud of you for putting one into place (especially since you're such a pantser!). You're spurring us all on to be more healthy!

  9. Have a fudgecicle for me too! I love those things. I'm sorry you're diet torture is continuing. I hate dieting. Tell me I can't have something and I'm good and ticked. (OK so I have issues, lol)

  10. Way to go!

    I think making the other things the "goal" is easier to achieve. And I love your chart idea.

    Healthiest snack? I'm not so sure about the healthy part, but I like a bag of microwave popcorn. I just checked the box and it's under 70 calories (popped) for the whole bag. Satisfies the munchies, fills you up, fiber.

  11. Congrats on losing, you're on the right track there, girl. I love nonfat Greek yogurt: all the creamy goodness without all the calories and fat grams. I mix in some dried blueberries and fresh peaches. Mmmm. Perfection.

  12. Hi Krista –

    Congrats on losing 1 1/2 lbs.! I'm not dieting, but I try to keep my intake of junk food at a minimum. Chocolate and cookies know my name, and call on a regular basis.

    Susan 🙂

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