Who else is completely stuffed?


Fat Friday is truly… fat Friday!

I weighed in Thursday morning this week because a.) I’ll be shopping Friday morning at an insanely early time and b.) it made me feel better and c.) it gives me a week to work off Thanksgiving!!

Thus you see the fruits of the past week, instead of the cost of Turkey-Day!


Krista’s Numbers: 

This week:                   -2 pounds
Total Fat Friday loss: – 7 pounds
Total Weight loss:      -21 pounds

Scott’s Numbers:

This week:                   -5 pounds

Total Fat Friday loss: – 13 pounds

Total Weight loss:      -38 pounds

My Hubby gets an A for the week! He’s been doing AMAZING!! Since starting his job, he hasn’t had time to count calories, but has been eating salad out his ears and just doing so good. It helps that he’s working 70 hours a week and doesn’t hardly have time to sit much less be idle! Regardless, I’m one PROUD wife!! And if I do say so myself, he’s lookin’ pretty fine these days (although, I ALWAYS thought he looked good, he just looks ESPECIALLY good now!) 
I found the original paper that we had logged our weight and inches on back on 8/31/11 when we started on this journey.
I’ve lost FOUR inches from my waist… and Scott has lost at least SIX!
Have YOU measured your inches? If not, go for it. It’s a GREAT way to see how you’re doing, because if you’re exercizing a lot, the scale might not always show all your hard work, but inches always will!
As I mentioned, today, I’m SHOPPING. It is a family tradition (although my older, eldest sister is ditching us… she hates it when I call her eldest, thus my flagrant use of it given her missing in action today.) 
SO here is what I’m thinking, Fat Friday wise.
Shopping = walking = calorie burning = Thanksgiving Dinner shedding = maybe a not-negative-number next week… hopefully!
That said, we had a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving. It was so nice having it at our house. Even though it is messy, it was SO nice not to have to pack up the kids/food, and unpack everything when going home. And it was SO nice not to have my attentions split between here and the hospital!!!!! We were able to just relax and enjoy.
Hope you all had a HAPPY Thanksgiving!!!!


  1. Smart to weigh in on Thursday. Wouldn't have made any difference to me because I made the cranberry bread too early and have been sampling often.

    My shopping was pretty much online but we took the dog for very long walks in the part to counter all the food – for us and him.

  2. Last week was my first to really attempt. I also weighed in Thurs morning pre-cook sampling honors and way too much cheese cake. I dropped 10 lbs and probably picked it up again somewhere in the left overs today 😉

  3. Mary… I was good and resisted sampling my bread on Wednesday JUST for weigh-in purposes… I know, WOW, Restraint!!

    Yeah for walks!!!

  4. Ten pounds, Lis?!? That is GREAT… however the responsible cautious person reminds that losing TOO fast isn't always great either (unless you're on biggest loser, HA!)

    And totally understand about picking it back up! I've yet to brave the scale myself to see damages! Afraid it will depress me and considering I'm a stress eater… yeah. Depressed Krista = eating Krista!

  5. I always lose fast but then the last 10 pounds refuse to come off 😛

  6. I've noticed inches melting off since I started zumba one or twice a week since the end of june. I've lost at least 2 and soon to be 3 pants sizes.

    I don't diet, I just exercise, and walking, weather and health depending, is the best thing you can do. If it's parking far away just to walk or purposing walking fast on a trail or something.

    But i've been attempting to cut down on the junk food I eat (my parents are on diets, so whatever junk there is is in my room so its in front of me, sadly) and it's hard to do but I have to remind myself that it's better for me to cut down and not eat while I watch a movie on my computer or a tv show. NOT easy, lol.

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