I’ve had a pretty decent run of “good” weeks. A not-so-good one was bound to come up sometime.

This week was that one.

I’m writing this Thursday night and preposting, as tomorrow is going to be crazy, so I’m using my weight from this morning.

Here is the damage:


Krista’s Numbers: 

This week:                   +1 pound

Total Fat Friday loss: – 4 pounds
Total Weight loss:      -18 pounds

Scott’s Numbers:

This week:                   -3 pounds (includes last week)

Total Fat Friday loss: – 5 pounds

Total Weight loss:      -34 pounds

We all have our excuses. Reasons for gaining, or not losing. And many times they are REALLY REALLY good excuses.
But I’m reminding myself today that they really are just that. Flimsy excuses that I could have controlled if I wanted to.
So here is mine: My daughter had a birthday.
And it is against my cooking rules to not lick the bowl. And considering I made cupcakes for her slumber party on Friday, cake for her “family” birthday on Sunday, then brownies to take for school on Monday. That’s a lot of licking. And a lot of sweet eating.
I was also out of the habit of “counting” my calories from the week before when I was sick. So while my intentions were great, I still need to get back into the habit.
And really,that’s what it is about. Making yourself do something, regardless of your “want” and sticking to it.
I need to get a hold of this now. Because the holidays are coming up. And I’m SUPER excited about being able to actually be HOME during the holidays, and not working, and being able to COOK things. Previous years, I was lucky to get any baking done at all, and even then, it was rushed and NOT enjoyable.
But I’m determined to stick to my weightloss even through Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m under no grand illusions that I’ll lose massive weight. However I think I can at least lose a few times, and certainly maintain, if I watch my calories like I watch my pennies. 
So now that I’ve given you my royal flimsy excuse… feel free to beat me up about it. I NEED IT.
And what about you all? How did YOU do this week??????? Please do share!!


  1. UPDATE! I weighed this morning, thinking there was no way I'd lost weight today (and dreading actually having gained a pound) but I was actually DOWN a pound.

    So… technically I'm even for the week.


  2. Fat Friday #3: -1
    Total Fat Friday Loss: -3

    My loss has been slow but sure and to be honest, I haven't been trying that hard yet. I've cut out late night snacking (and mid afternoon snacks) and I've try to be more active during the day. I need to be more active and that brings up my promise of last week …. which I didn't keep.

    I said I was going to exercise at least 3 times before the next Fat Friday (today); however, I only completed one day (Saturday). My excuse – on Monday I had an unexpected visitor that arrived about a week and a half early and still hasn't left. (Hopefully, you know what I mean.) She has been a lot worse than usual, too. I'm hoping she'll be gone by Sunday and I plan to try again. Please keep me accountable to do my 3 days of exercise! And Krista, I'll be praying that you can get back to counting your calories and resist the temptations of "licking the bowl". 😉

  3. Ha! You and I are having the same problem. Sickness + sweet treats + birthdays = no weight loss for me. I'd like to attribute it to muscle gain from that crazy-hard fitness class on Tuesday, but I know the truth. 🙂

  4. Well…. Sorry for the late post, but I don't really have great things to report! Up once again .4! I guess I can be happy that it's not more, but quite honestly at some point I have come to the grips of reality and know that if I don't get my butt in gear that the 42 pounds that I've worked so hard to get off will slowly creep right back on. About 15 already has!!! No excuses for me now! I'm going to work hard this week and shoot for 2pounds… Krista, ever so often , we WILL have those weeks where circumstances (birthdays, THANKSGIVING!) will make it oh so hard for us to lose… Just know that if we pick up right where we left off, we'll be back in line in no time!!

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