WOOHOO! I’m down some this week!

Let’s see. Last week I was up a net of 1.2 pounds.

I’ve lost 2.8 pounds.

So I’m currently at -1.6 pounds from my starting weight of zero.

I did pretty good this week. Rocked the diet on Monday and Tuesday, but not so great on Wednesday and Thursday, but keeping today in mind helped me limit what I ate those days as well which was great!

Exercise? Did my thirty minutes Monday – Wednesday, skipped last night. But still, 3 days isn’t bad. I’ll try to make my 4 next week. I do feel like I’ve turned a corner finally.

To jazz up this post a wee bit and make it less about my poundage… I thought I’d do a fresh TEN THINGS list–weight loss style!

Ten things to avoid while trying to lose weight.

1.) Any buffet. (duh!)
2.) My ooey gooey famous brownie recipe.
3.) The South. (= fried chicken and barbecue and WAY too many homemade desserts!)
4.) My in-laws. (how come in-laws equal eating more??? It’s not their fault. It’s mine. But whenever I see them I eat, a lot. And I have nice in-laws… it’s not like I’m eating out of depression!)
5.) Pregnancy. Need I say more?
6.) The Donut Palace. (although… I’m going there to get breakfast this morning since it’s my day off…. DON’T YELL AT ME!! And don’t copy me either!)
7.) Church Potlucks.
8.) Just the whole kitchen in general.
9.) My very comfortable rocking chair which pretty much erases ANY thought of exercise as you sink into it’s cushions and life feels lazily good.
10.) Fat people like me. We’re a bad influence, believe me. Hang around the skinny minnies and you’ll do MUCH better!



  1. Yea for you, boo for me. Up 2. I am so not into this like I should be. I am generally a really focused person when I make up my mind about something. But the problem is, I can't focus on too many things at once! Like new church, finishing my book…weight loss…it is just too much "focus". I go cross-eyed!! So…here's to a new week, and a better focus.

    oh….fyi….I have skinny friends who eat all they want and don't exercise so they are NOT great for me to hang around with!!!! lol

  2. Here's the KEY to weight loss. Breast feeding!! Seriously, it's worked miracles. The only problem is…. I'm in this nasty habbit of eating a lot right now. And I am terrified over what might happen to my bum when I wean Brogan and I'm still in the habbit of chowing down on everything in sight. NOT GOOD!!!

  3. Anything called the Donut Palace has to be WONDERFUL. This week I got a real pedometer, and I TOTALLY recommend it. I was SHOCKED at the lack of steps I take. It's become a (sick) challenge to try and get that number up.

  4. And here I thought you were going to say: food.

    But I'm with Jenny. When I bought my pedometer I was absolutely SHOCKED at how little exercise I got on an average day. In the year and a half since I got it, I've increased my mileage to where I'm now walking 4-6 miles every day. (Having a Lab/Border Collie pup helps motivate me, too!)

    I'm not seeing weight loss from it, but I know I'm healthier.

  5. Sherrinda… I am so with you!!!! I almost decided NOT to diet because good night, I have so much on my plate and I just can't juggle everything. But… I feel better when I'm losing weight. And if I can just get on the roll, I think I'll write better too. And yeah, those skinny minnies that can eat whatever they want make me ill too. I guess the answer is… stay away from other's who aren't dieting! *grin*

    Katie: See, in order to get to the breastfeeding part… I'd have to go through the pregancy part first. And that's when I gain my most weight! I blame 80% of my excess fat on my children. (not fair… but whatever!) But you're right, I lost the most weight with Gabsters and I breastfed for 6 months. Karalynn was the hardest and I only lasted a few weeks. Go figure!

  6. Jenny… oh my, it is. Palace says it ALL.

    Val & Jen: Hubby got a pedometer and he did pretty good with it. He's laxed for a while though, so hmmmm… maybe I need to steal it. *evil grin*

  7. Hang in there! You can do it! I'm sure it's incredibly hard with our writing lifestyle. We're always sitting and writing and so it's really hard to stay active and fit! If you figure out a plan, you'll have to market it! Have a great weekend!

  8. I'm now about 1 pound down from zero. Ah well. C'est la vie. But Thurs. was my anniversary, and my hubby took me out for a really nice dinner, and I ate whatever I wanted.

  9. Why are we drawn to those places we know we shouldn't go?!?!?! Good luck, you'll get there!

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