What. A. Week. I think I say that EVERY Friday, and I MEAN it every Friday too! I’m finally feeling MUCH better. Besides minor colds, the rest of my family is doing fabulous as well. And Annabelle is CAST FREE!!!! But it’s been a long ride of a week to get there.

For me, after my Saturday splurge in eating, I then ate much of nothing for three days except for saltine crackers. But… as much as you would think this would HELP my weight-loss, I also was in bed for those three days and could barely move my aching bones, so I was eating less and doing less. A recipe for a pretty even week.

It doesn’t help that I haven’t been able to grocery shop either, so last night ran through the drive through on way home from getting Annabelle’s cast off instead of carting snotty Annabelle through a grocery store all by myself. (I figured this was better than having milk and Halloween candy for dinner!!!)

Anyway, enough with pleasantries…

Down to business!


Krista’s Numbers: 

This week:                  – 2 pounds
Total Fat Friday loss: – 5 pounds
Total Weight loss:      -19 pounds

Scott (my handsome, becoming skinny hubby)’s numbers:  (taking a break this week… he started a new job so I don’t want to make him get up early and weigh on his one day-off, but I’m fairly certain he stayed about even, as he hasn’t had time to concentrate on eating less OR doing more! Will report in for him next week!)

Just like “eating less” everyone has ways they can “do more.” Some run every morning. Others have a gym membership. My mother-in-law swears by going to Curves. Others Zumba with a church group.
I’d love to do some of those things. BUT…
Running every morning is a no-go. It’s cold right now, number one, hubby leaves at an unGodly time of the morning (Yes, Yes, I know, no time is really unGodly, but I prefer to give people on the other side of the world their daylight time with God and not interrupt too early…*ahem*) so yeah, can’t rightly leave my girls to go running, and taking Annabelle out in the cold? Yeah, NO.
Gym membership? Curves? Annabelle? No. No. and Immonsurpessed. Not leaving her with someone I don’t know to go sweat all over machines other people have sweated their germs all over too. (For the record, I’m sure they clean the machines, it is more the not leaving Annabelle part that makes this not an option.)
Zumba? One word for you. PRIDE. Krista and coordination and dancing just don’t go together, not in public anyway. I applaud those that can do this though, as it looks SUPER fun. A ton of churches have started these programs, so LOOK INTO IT. But for me, I think I’d pee myself laughing during the process though. (I’ve given birth naturally to 4 kids… nuff said.) And NONE OF US want that. (Not to mention the not leaving Annabelle thing…)
So, what’s a fat Momma to do?
DO MORE Options for the Tied-to-Home Fat Momma

Exercise Videos… It can even be a ZUMBA one!! My girls and I got a “Dancing with the Stars” one that we were doing together every morning before school for a while. We looked absolutely ridiculous and couldn’t do a step right in the whole darn thing, but it was funny and made for hilarious mother-daughter exercise time!
DANCE…. while you clean! Put on some loud music, whatever your pleasure (Mine is usually some praise and worship, maybe some Skillet, the occasional country…) then MOVE while you clean! If you ever drive by my house during the day and see some crazy woman in the window flailing all over with Lysol in her hand… ignore me. Unless there is a man with a gun in the near vicinity and I’m trying to spray him with the Lysol in defense… then call 911. Thanks!
Video Games…. I’m serious! I LOVE THE WII! I don’t do it as often as I should, but the Wii Fit (I use the plus version) is great for tracking weight and tracking calories burned on the different stuff you do. I also play a mean bowling. It’s also great to do with the kiddos and hubby in the evening. Family fun AND exercise, fun stuff! To go with this… I have a few *ahem* shows during the day that I sometimes allow myself to watch. Usually I fold laundry during that time, however when I don’t have that (rare), I’ll do free-step on the Wii Fit for 30 minutes. Exercise while I watch Price is Right… JUSTIFICATION baby!
Hand Weights… I have a pair of weights that I actually got for my husband that are adjustable in weight… I use them more than he does:-) But I try to pick them up and do 20 reps at a time. Takes maybe a minute or two each time I do it, but a few times a day while I’m waiting for laundry to dry or something is better than nothing. Sometimes I’ll use them while I do the free-step while I watch Price is Right… it just keeps getting more justified as we go, huh!
Sit-ups… Put those toes underneath that couch and count to twenty. Takes about, well, a minute or two for me, but repeat a few times a day and woohoo! Burn that Belly Fat!

Get down and PLAY… Annabelle spends a lot of time on the floor… so sometimes it’s fun just to get on the floor and roll around with her! I’ll do leg lifts sometimes too, and she thinks it’s pretty silly!
Whatever your pleasure…. just make a concerted effort throughout the day to DO MORE!
Discussion: How did YOU do this week?? Don’t make me call you out by name… just kidding! (Mostly!) Seriously, regardless of how “good” or “bad” you did, share your progress or struggle! 
And how do YOU go about the “do more” of weight-loss (or weight-management for those of you who are in encouragement mode)?


  1. Well….. I didn't do so well! I've spent the last 4 days with a migraine so didn't get in my workouts. For some reason the migraine didn't affect my appetite either ;.) So with that said, I'm up .4…. Not too bad actually considering!! Congrats on your two Krista and so glad you feeling better. So excited about Annabelle getting her cast off!! My little Addison was in a cast for 5 weeks at 18 months old after falling down two steps in my garage so I can definitely relate in that regard. I was oh so happy when she got hers off.

  2. Congrats on your success, Krista! Cheering you on! 🙂

    I've done well this week in the exercising department, but not as great as I'd like with curbing my eating. I'm going to use you as inspiration!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Congrats on your 2! Ummm me, I haven't weighed in but I'm guessing zero. My heart's been off this week so working out, heck breathing, was a chore. I did walk up and down hills for 3hrs on Monday night (which may have actually been what through me off) but my eating has been sporadic and shall we say, comforting? Gonna go with zero. My herbalist has me all fixed up on some horrific juice so I'll try better this next week.

  4. Jackie… Migraines = NO FUN! I get them too. only up .4 is not too shabby for that kind of week!

  5. Karen… YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lis, I'm sorry you weren't feeling well this week!!! Hopefully that juice will take effect and you'll be tip-top next week!

    And zero it is!

  7. Oh, and My hubby weighed this morning… He's down two! YEAH!!!

    His total Fat Friday is 4.

    Total overall is 33!!

  8. Week #2 Fat Friday: -1
    Total Fat Friday Losses: -2

    I know I need to do more. We bought a treadmill last year for that purpose. It hasn't become a coatrack yet; however, it is probably feeling lonely since nobody had paid it any attention recently.

    I've tried the video but that usually doesn't work because we have very little space to move and I'm afraid with 2 boys, a 60-some pound golden retriever and me moving around in a space about the size of dining room trouble is just an accident waiting to happen.

    I just need accountability so, Krista, ( and anybody else participating), I'm pledging to try by best to spend some time on the treadmill at least three days before the next Fat Friday.

  9. Awesome "get moving" ideas, Krista! I'm down a pound or two this week (I say "or two" because it's been waffling. Oh what the heck, I'll round up!) 🙂

    I'm a big-time Zumba fan. But I was scared out of my pants to go for the first time. Now I'm hooked. I've got lots of different DVD options to do at home though too, which came in very handy when my kiddos were sick the last couple weeks. It's all about variety. Oh, and I've heard lots of good things about Wii Fit. Have you tried any of the dancing ones? You could practice Zumba-ish moves at home and see if you like it. 🙂

  10. Tammi… YEAH for another pound!!! Accountability: CHECK! You can do it!!!!!

    Sarah… YEAH for 2 pounds! FAB girl!! And yeah, we do Zumba-ish moves at home… which is exactly why I know this uncoordinated Momma will humiliate herself and have FUN with it at home… but not out in public. HA HA!

  11. I do Zumba twice a week (different instructors each day) and some are more dance-oriented and some more more fitness-oriented, and some are a mix. it depends on the instructor. There is one lady who is 8 months pregnant who is still doing it and some ladies hardly move but still come every week. It's all about having fun.

    I am not trying to lose weight, just eat better and exercise as much as I can because I hate being still.
    With Zumba, I have not lost any weight, but I have lost inches and to me, that's what counts. As long as I am happy with how I look, I don't care about the numbers.
    If you have a Wii, try the Zumba for Wii or the Zumba dvd's (My library had them individually so I could try them out and see and the abs one and 20 minute express is great because they really break it down simple for you and they don't take up that much time, just 15-20 minutes.
    And also just walking is great exercise. We take the baby we watch to the mall during the late morning for an hour and we power walk (without her and even sometimes with, we do about 4 miles). And let me tell you, pushing 26 lbs plus the stroller is a good workout. Plus it's pretty empty there, so that's nice.

  12. I was sick this week, too, so not much happened in my court. However, I did go to the doctor yesterday and had a really good conversation on what I need to start doing. So, I've got a workout schedule and a commitment to better eating.

    For me, this week, I stayed even.

  13. Audrey… I can't WAIT to get to the point where I can "look in the mirror" to tell how I'm doing instead of the scale! Right now, the scale is actually encouraging me, as it boosters my will to keep going when I see that I'm down a bit throughout the week. Once I get at a "goal" weight… I'll probably not rely on my scale nearly as much!

    Ralene, a sick week is totally a stay even week. Get better!!!

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