Start: ZERO
Week 1: +2
Week 2: -5.2 (net -3.2)

So, TECHNICALLY I lost 5.2 pounds this week, but that might be skewed just a bit. My 2 pound gain last week was… unusual. I ate too much the day before and some of it was “water” weight that us women tend to gain at times. Plus, I weighed this morning at my in-laws, and their scale was weighing me a little low. I’m deciding thought that I’ll take what I can get so darn it, I’m recording my 5.2 weight loss! *grin*

I HAVE done better this week though. I tried to eat 2 meals some day instead of 3. (Do not lecture me on this!) I tried to eat smaller portions, especially if I knew a “big” meal was upcoming. This weekend will be my ultimate test though. I’m at my in-laws and *sniff* she’s making brownies for the cookout tonight.

Have I ever told you about my love affair with brownies?

It’s worse than my drooling over frostys. When I was pregnant with Karalynn, Scott told me I was going to give birth to a brownie if I didn’t stop eating them. This may sound really mean to you, but understand that I would sit down with a full pan of brownies and eat over half the pan in one setting. (the other half a day later) It was horrible. It is also why I gained 50 pounds with that pregnancy and only lost 20.

Some people would recommend me completely cutting out brownies from my diet. This cannot happen. I’d go into brownie withdrawal and … I really just don’t want to.

So I’ve started Operation Brownie Control.

I only make brownies when I have company coming over or am taking them someplace like work. This helps me limit my intake by putting many other people around me to eat them. It works… most of the time. I only have like four instead of the whole pan. *grin*

Discussion: What is your weight weakness? DO you have any ideas on how to overcome it?



  1. Oh! Duh! And those who are participation in my weight-loss challenge, update us on your status!!

  2. Cheese Fries..and chips…and mac and cheese…and CHEESE! I like cheese.

    We just joined a gym this week. I'm not looking to lose more than 5ish lbs but I am looking to flatten out this baby belly I've had for 4 years now!

    Congrats on the weight loss! Keep it up!!!

  3. Woah!!! Way to go Krista! You lost 5 pounds AND got to eat a Frosty???? That is soooo not fair!

    Well, I got on the scale and just lost one pound! Sigh…of course, my love affair with gummy worms this week may have been the culprit. lol… But, at least I didn't gain. I am going to incorporate some kind of exercise starting next week. I know, I know, I should start today. It ain't happing, I can tell you that!

    Here's to another week!!!

  4. Marybeth… CHEESE FRIES!!! Ohhh, I'm thinking Outback with cheese and bacon and seriously, I'm drooling! YUM

    Sherrinda… the frosty story actually happened last week when I gained the 2 pounds, LOL. I forgot to mentioned, I also tried to start exercizing more. I did my situps a few days and did my 10lb arm weight thingys too. I need to get back on my WII FIT too! Next week… *grin*

  5. I'm inspired to cut out the ice cream eating! And I've been snacking less. Now if I could exercise! I'm not weighing myself, but I'll go for the flatter stomach like Marybeth!

  6. My weight-loss weakness?

    Food. Any and all types. But most especially sweets. I'm a total sugar addict (seriously—I have physical withdrawal symptoms when I try to cut it out of my diet). High-fat foods come next. Anything cheesy, creamy, or succulent can be my downfall.

  7. 5lbs is awesome!

    I love bagels and cream cheese in the morning. (And NOT that low fat cream cheese either!)

    I do really well with eating and portions for my main meals but it's the little after 8PM snack-attack that gets me.

  8. Ok! Wow! 5.2 pounds! I'm down another .5. I was not great, but not bad.


    better than positive numbers I guess.

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