I am SO excited to report that I lost TWO pounds this week. Count them… TWO.

Coupled with my pound and a half last week, that’s 3 1/2 so far… almost 4.

I WISH I would have done better starting week one, but you know? You can’t go back and wish the past into a different existance. It is what it is and it’s unchangeable. What we CAN effect is our today and our future.

I’m still, for the most part, doing my chart. I’m counting my calories every day, and except for one ill-fated day at Backyard Burgers where I forgot to check my calorie counts BEFORE I went (Did you know their french fries have DOUBLE the calories as McDonalds????), I stuck to my limits.

I’ve done the stairs already seven times this week, and my goal is only five. I’ve already done my WII fit step 2 1/2 hours (it cut into my writing time though….) and my goal is 2.

That’s my other problem though. I’ve written very little this week. Between Karalynn starting school, drama meeting at church, and trying to exercize as much as I can, I’ve been exhausted and really, there was just no time left. I hope to catch up this weekend and do a HUGE marathon writing blitz. We’ll see how that works out.

Discussion: If you’re joining me in Fat Friday, how was YOUR week? Any wins or pitfalls, tips or “what not to do”‘s?

If not…. ohhhh, what’s a good Friday question? OH OH OH! In honor of school starting (I know it’s not for a few weeks someplaces) let’s all tell our FAVORITE school supply.

Mine are notebooks. I have this horrible habit of looking at the new designs/systems they have because… I really don’t know why. I don’t even write by hand much. I just like to have notebooks:-)



  1. $0.19 Crayons!!!!

    And I lost a quarter pound…does that count for anything?

    Congrats 🙂 Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Congrats for sticking to your plan this week! I've been watching your tweets and noticing all that exercise!! I had to miss one walk this week, but otherwise, I've been sticking to my exercise schedule too.

    I love notebooks too. I buy stacks of them when they go on sale in the summer. Two different stores had them on sale for as cheap as five cents a piece! Love it!

  3. Krista, I am sooooo proud of you, girl!
    Keep up the wonderful work!

    My fav school supply is pens. If they have purple ink, all the better.
    Oh, and a dictionary or thesaurus.
    For my bd today, my DH got me a Roget's Synonym Finder– talk about FAT Friday– this book is huge! yippee dippee!!! I even took it to work with me to peruse it on my break. I'm addicted to words.

    Sorry, this is your blog, not mine. I got carried away!

    Congrats on your loss, Jen

  4. Spiral notebooks with the easy-tear-out pages. I now have a giant pile of them again (at a nickel apiece, it didn't break the bank).

    I love brainstorming on paper. There's just something about writing as fast as I can. Sometimes I even write my rough draft chapters on paper because the urge to fill up the blank page is greater than the urge to go back and edit what I just wrote.

    Congrats on the 2 pounds, Krista! I tried on the dress I want to wear to the banquet … and got extra motivation to slip in a few more situps. I'm closer than I was.

  5. Congratulations on getting your body in shape!! Woo-hoo!! Celebrate!

    I walked twice this week and did a few stretches. Not great but at least I moved. You're motivating me to get back on track–thank you!

    Fave supply? Pens and notebooks. Love 'em!

  6. Congrats on the weight loss. And my favorite supply is also the notebooks. I write everything by hand first and then type it. We bought school supplies yesterday, and I stocked up on some new notebooks for myself.

  7. My favorite school supply is also notebooks. Polka dotted ones, character ones, and even the new composition ones that have simple designs on the front.

  8. YAY for the weight loss! I havent' exercised once this week – not once! No time. Boo.

    Anyway – as a teacher, my favorite school supply is probably….highlighters! Or fine tip sharpees.

  9. Thanks for the encouragement… and WOOHOO for SCHOOL supplies (especially those on SALE!)

  10. Okay, KP, I'll join your Fat Fridays! 🙂 (I can, right?) I need to get into the exercise habit, but sadly, I'm a slacker on that. Okay, so three weeks ago, I had 140 pounds to lose. As of this morning, I have 125.4 to go. WHOO HOO!!!

    My favorite school supply is Bic Stic pens with Fine tips and blue ink. 🙂 I also can't help but buy the 30-cent Crayola 24-packs when I go to Wal-Mart.

  11. LOL Valerie! Fat Friday is open to the public (and even if it weren't… you'd SO be invited!)

    WOOHOO on your weightloss!!! Cheering for you girl!

    My short term goal is to lose 15 pounds, but I REALLY have more like 40 or so to lose.

    Ohhh, I'm all about the $0.30 crayons too!!

  12. Hi its nice to see someone else writing about thier weightloss. I started Diary's of a Mad Fat Woman on my blog on Sundays..lol. I have lost 7pds so far and have a long ways to go.

    Nice site!

  13. Hey, Krista! Greetings from the other side of the world!

    Yebo, I have the same problem with notebooks. I love them. Probably just because of the possiblity of what wonders they could contain…

  14. Now how did I miss FAT Friday??

    Congrats to you Krista!

    I've been treadmill writing to loose the pounds. You know there are only 32 days until ACFW. Arrrgggh.

  15. BTW, I am a legal pad lover. I could write a whole post on legal pads. I love them. Shiny and new and full of promise. Perfect for brainstorming.

  16. Storm, well done on your weight loss!!

    Kristin, yes notebooks are awesome!!

    Tina: UGH!! only a month! so much to do… so many pounds to lose!!! Glad you found Fat Friday… *grin* And legal pads are fun too!

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