I failed this week. But things are looking up. After gorging and saying, “what the hay” the first part of the week, I tried to redeem myself with exercise the last two days. Unfortunately, from the last two weeks I’m up about 2 pounds as a result of my love affair with pre-Halloween candy and the McDonald’s Monopoly game.

So, in honor of my failure, I give you:


  1. To make the little guy on the Wii shrink when I step on the scale instead of expand like a helium balloon.
  2. To be able to breathe when I wear the pair of jeans 1 size smaller I have waiting for me in my dresser
  3. So I can change these posts to “Skinny Friday” or at least “normal-sized Friday”
  4. No more sucking in when people take pictures!
  5. Being able to weigh anytime I want… instead of just in the morning, right before I shower, right after I pee, so I get the smallest weight possible (Don’t tell me you all don’t do this too!)
  6. So I can watch biggest loser and be proud of the contestants, instead of green with envy.
  7. No more kids looking at my wedding picture then at me and saying, “Mommy, how’d you get so big?” (I remind them that it’s all their fault of course!)
  8. No more prayer of repentance after I curse at the dressing room mirrors (okay, fine, I don’t really swear, but I want to. I really really do!)
  9. No more tummy-sucker-inners when wearing a nice dress. Seriously, they should be banned.
  10. A serious one: To be healthy, and a good example for my kiddos. I don’t aspire to be a size zero (or, to be realistic, even a size eight with these child bearing hips) but to have a healthy, normal body weight so my children don’t think it’s normal to grow up and be fat:-)


Do you have any reasons to add to the list? Let’s motivate each other today! Those of you on the Fat Friday challenge… how’d you do this week???

Oh, and am I the only one addicted to McDonald’s Monopoly game????

*sigh* Sorry. The spirit is willing but the body is so, so, so weak. Chicken Nugget anyone?



  1. To add to number one, I just like when my clothes feel comfortable. I do not like it when they feel tight. Never a good feeling.

    Happy Friday, Krista!

  2. Number 10 is the biggest one for me. When I put on a few pounds I feel it in my glands under my arms and around my belly. I keep worrying that it's lumps. Drives me nuts.

    I've been losing the battle with pre-Halloween candy too. And I've not been on my treadmill near enough. Must get back on track!

  3. My sister is addicted to the McDonald's monopoly game! I have no idea what it is really.

    I hate that I can be of no encouragement, I would still be in a corner somewhere heaving candy in my mouth.

    Love your humor!

  4. Krista, you're so funny! I really enjoyed hanging out with you. 🙂 Good luck! And way to go on blaming it on the kiddos. *wink* I blame them for shrinking things that I'd have rather stayed the same. LOL

  5. Okay, I'll be the first to admit to #5.

    However, my biggest reason is #10. When you start closing in on the next decade and the metabolism downshifts, it's time to get serious about a healthy lifestyle for more reasons than fitting into skinnier clothes (with or without the aid of control-top hose).

  6. I like all of your reasons. I should print these out and tape them up near the fridge. 🙂

    have a great Friday, Krista!

  7. Krista! You are too funny! I like the one about the wedding picture. Mine is the out-dated hairstyle! My kids can't believe I ever styled my hair like THAT! 🙂

  8. Hi Krista –

    How about no more taking off my watch, earrings, and rings before the nurse weighs me?

    Susan 🙂

  9. Oh, I enjoyed McNuggets on Wednesday–you are not alone! BBQ, yum!

    I had a good week, though, because I worked out three days in a row! Yeah! Can't feel bad about that.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. You're so sweet Krista! I feel your pain regarding all that Halloween candy. I wish it didn't come into the house so soon. Peanut M&M's be cursed!

  11. #5: OH YEAH! I do that every morning! 🙂

    I'm down 1.8 this week from last week. Oh how I'd love a chicken nugget, but I've given up fried food.

    My #1 reason to lose weight: I hate the way I look. I have to change because I want to look better.

  12. BTW, if anyone cares… that's my adorable little Gabby eating an ice cream cone at McDonalds. 🙂 I love my girl! She's such a cheese!

  13. I'm a chicken nuggie fan. Here's to doing better next week.

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  15. Enjoying your posts.

    Take a deep breath and don't scream when I say this…but I have never been overweight except due to pregnancy. BUT…I have several health problems that make it very important to eat healthy. And like you, I fell off the wagon this past week and ate a bunch of cookies (hello cholesterol!), oops…some dairy (hello lactose intolerant…ugh) and I will not confess to other indescretions! LOL!

    No matter what the problem is sometimes we have days with set backs, but rather than beat ourselves, try to forgive yourself and forget and move on! Hang in there!

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