If you missed it… I posted our Phillips’ family Christmas pictures yesterday! It was a fabulous Christmas, and fun was had by all!

So. It’s almost the new year.

And I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about “Fat Friday.” Should I continue? Should I just do it privately?

But I decided to go ahead and continue it, because even if it helps no one else, it helps ME to have to be accountable.

I’m changing the name though. When I started Fat Friday, I came up with the name because a.) it was kinda funny to say “Fat friday” and b.) I’m all about stating the obvious and c.) The first step to fixing something is admitting you have a problem!

At my heart, though, I’m an optimist. Fat Friday is not very optimistic.

So from now on, Fat Friday will be known as “Skinny Friday.”

Yes, yes, I should really call it “healthy” Friday or stay with the whole F theme and be “Fit Friday” but… that’s too normal and boring. Skinny Friday makes me smile. And if there is one thing I love my readers to get out of my blog, it’s a big fa… i mean skinny… smile! (Although I realize there have  been a lot of tear moments over the last year too…)

My Skinny Friday Plan: 

Tomorrow night, right before the new year, I’ll step on the ol’ scale. And for 2012, I’ll be starting over at zero. I invite you to be zero as well!!! I’m still having similar, baby step goals as last year, for me, linked to “pre-baby” weights of each of my children. I’m current right around my Pre-Annabelle weight, give or take.

And we’ll be taking before pictures too. You know the ones where you stick out your gut as far as you can and wear a sad frown and wear frumpy clothes that are completely unflattering and no makeup?

I won’t post those just yet. Call it pride or something. But at each milestone I DO make… I’ll post the updated pictures (obviously sucking in my gut and wearing black, thinning, cloths, HA HA HA!)

So… get out that ol’ digital camera and snap away tomorrow! Look your worst, I tell ya!

And as you hit YOUR goals… feel free to send before and after pictures to me, and I’ll post them. You KNOW you want to:-)

More Pictures

Found a few more Christmas pictures my sis-in-law took for me and I wanted to share!

All My girls!!!

Annabelle: Isn’t my shoe just too cute???
Lyla: Wow, uh, they are kinda just like mine. But… whateva…

Annabelle: Fine. You don’t like them? I’ll just eat my shoe. 
Lyla: Hm. I wonder if that tastes any good. Maybe I should try?

Annabelle: Girl, we look amazing.
Lyla: Heck yeah we do.

Lyla: See me pose?
Annabelle: Lord, this girl is off her rocker…

Annabelle: Finally, the steps to myself. Losers, every one of them. I’m the diva here!


  1. Krista, I haven't been by for a while but it was so fun to see your beautiful daughters. I also would like to be part of your Skinny Friday brigade. BUT, I can't quite bear to post photos of my worst. You are brave! I'll be rooting for you, though, and hope you will do the same for me. 🙂 Happy 2012 (almost)!

  2. Adorable pics!

    Happy New Year,
    Karen 🙂

  3. Krista there is a reason you write comedy! I was loling at those comments, too funny!

  4. I'd like to be part of the Fat Friday Remix! I need the accountability; however, I'm like Roxane, I'm not brave enough to post photos of me at my worst. Maybe if I actually do reach the goal of "skinny", I'll be confident enough to show a "before" pic. We'll see.

    Have a Happy New Year! (I just love those words together — "new" and "year". Thankfully, God says His mercies are "new" every morning. Thank you, Jesus!)

  5. You have put quite the smile on my face this evening! Thanks!!

  6. Gah! LOL what personality! I never had issues with weight, just trying to keep my heart healthy, but now that my soon to be X has broken my heart, I'm stuffing my emotions & will be joining in with you on your skinny friday. My battle plan is bottled water with lemon juice added (though I suggest using a straw to drink it :P) and Special K cereal. 🙂 I currently do not have a scale but I know my brand new jeans are snug and dat's not good.

  7. Those pictures are priceless! Beyond adorable. 🙂

  8. Picture Note:

    My "before" aweful picture will NOT NOT NOT be shown until I have a much improved after picture! I do not humiliate myself on purpose unless I can show it in the "past".

    And posting your own is optional, of course! I DO encourage you to TAKE your own though, because it's fun to "see" the difference in a picture, and not just on the scale!!

  9. Haha!! I love the pictues and the commentary! So funny!

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