I know, I know. I’m the stupid one who came up with the Fat Friday/lose weight idea.

I’m right about even. I just want Halloween and all the candy to be OVER! Then I have almost a whole month until Thanksgiving.

I think part of my problem is that I’ve been trying my best to finish my current WIP before “year-end” officially starts. Well, it’s here, and I’m not done, and that isn’t acceptable to me! So I’ve been putting a ton of effort into knocking out this last 20k of word count, which leaves zero time for exercise and a ton of time to sit by my laptop, drink coke to keep my brain cells zipping along, and eat chocolate to make me feel all gooey and ready to write.

Dumb, I know.

And as I type (Thursday night) I have brownies in the oven baking… the smell tempting my stomach and making my fingers shake with their ooey gooey goodness. And I haven’t even eaten any yet!!! In my defense, these will be taken to work tomorrow to add to our Halloween party. But you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be having one… or two.

Speaking of Halloween… anyone dressing up? If you are, do share!

Me? I’m going to be a lottery winner. (I’m trying to convince my payroll specialists they should be too… I mean seriously. What is more scary to a company then your ENTIRE payroll department winning the lottery at the same time?? We’ll pin lotto tickets to our shirts and come dressed as beach bums–tasteful beach bums:-))

**Anyone lose weight this week??**

*Note: I totally respect those who don’t like the whole Halloween thing, OR the whole Lotto thing. LOL. I don’t like the whole lottery thing either… but you gotta admit. It IS funny!



  1. Mmmm, I'm smelling those brownies! The cafeteria ladies at the school where I work know that I am trying to lose weight. Loving me the way they do, they baked 2 huge trays of brownies this week and brought them straight from the oven to my office. They paraded through, laughing all the while, trying to tempt me! Alas, I gave in and had a bite at lunch. Not a whole piece…just a bite. 🙂
    As for weight loss, I lost 3.2 lbs this week, giving me a total of 16. :O Shocking. I'm nervous about the 3 holidays coming up!!!!!

  2. LOL I took the kiddos to a fall festival at school last night and after they went to bed…well, I pigged a little on mini candy bars. LOL! Good luck! Control, Krista, control! *snicker*
    I need to add that I'm completely jealous of your wordage! Woot! Keep it going. I know you can do it. 🙂
    (btw, my word verification is prodd, lol, maybe suggesting I need some prodding to be disciplined with writing like you???)

  3. I'm taking my daughter trick-or-treating (and I'll have to eat most of her candy, naturally, since it's not healthy for her, she's only 2-and-a-half)… she's going as an iPod, and I'm going as Starbuck from the new Battlestar Galactica.


  4. Eating chocolate is every girls best exercise. Chew. Chew. Chomp.


    Our Harvest Festival at church was great fun and great food. Tis the season for eating.

    (Sorry, that probably didn't help)

  5. I'm not dressing up this year, but I'm with you, I need to get rid of this candy!!!

  6. Hey, KP! I'm officially out of Fat Friday. Got a faint positive this morning – BABY #3 IS ON THE WAY!

  7. OH MY GOSH!!!! Sorry everyone, but OH MY GOSH!!!!

    You can't tell me that on my blog when I can't give you the most biggest hug EVER!

    Are you puking yet??


    And that's my girl, take that test early and see that faint line! I taught you well:-)

    I'm seriously about jumping up for joy right now (and then getting onmy knees and praying you aren't sick the whole time!)


    okay I'll stop now! This is returned to it's normal fat fridayness halloweenness…

  8. I've been sitting at the computer drinking coffee and eating chocolate for weeks now. So, no, I have not lost any weight. But boy have I been having fun!

  9. The holiday season is never a good time to try to lose weight. I just get hungry thinking about all those good Thanksgiving and Christmas goodies. Oh, yum. I think I need to go eat.

  10. I haven't lost weight but I did eat my weight in peanut M&M's. Stupid evil halloween. Oh by the way, have a happy one!

  11. LOL! Lottery winners, that's hilarious!

    I'm not even getting on the scale right now. I'm eating better and walking more and occasionally trying on a pair of jeans that I want to fit into.

  12. I love the "lottery winner" idea! I am so stumped for an idea… I posted three ideas on my blog this morning, and the one that seems to be the most popular is ripping off Jim's (from "The Office") idea: writing "book" on my face and going as "Facebook".

  13. Krista, that made me smile WAY BIG!!! 🙂 I threw up yesterday morning and was nauseated all day. Today I'm feeling really good. I'll take all the good days I can get! Today is Day FIVE post-conception. I started puking with Jackson on Day 8. Whew.

  14. I don't know if I'm being good or am just a huge procrastinator with a tiny budget. I haven't bought any Halloween candy this year. Yet.

    The kiddos want to go to a Harvest Festival thing tomorrow where admission is a bag of candy – then they'll come home with lots more. So, I need to either buy some for that or buy some for the neighborhood visitors. Or both.

    Or turn off the lights and hide in the basement to discourage any doorbell ringers. Call me a Halloween Scrooge. 🙁

  15. With me, it's Hershey's Extra Dark Chocolate. Ate two squares each day. Of course, there's also the Costco Chocolate Chip cookies.

    I refuse to get on a scale until March.

    Susan 🙂

  16. Happy Friday, Krista! Hope you have a fun time with your children and those brownies!

  17. Candee–I'm going to the "trunk or treat" with my kiddos so, yeah, no handing out candy here.I did the whole "leave a bowl on the doorstep" one year to help rid my guilt… but I had a sneaky feeling some kid just went and emptied the whole thing into his bag. So yeah–I won't judge if you hide in your basement:-)

    Susan–I'll give you all my "extra dark" if you give me all your milk chocolate, kay?*grin*

    Jody–YOU TOO!!!

    Valerie– *hugs* PUking is NO fun. I'm praying for you! And only YOU would know how many days post-conception… LOL. Can I assumed this was a planned baby then???

  18. Brownies?? Oh wow. I lost a pound this week but not to my doing–working did it! I am no longer sitting around nibbling!
    Have a great weekend and keep at it!

  19. Hey, KP. The blood test was negative, as was another urine test. Apparently the first test was a false positive. I'm pretty much just devastated.

  20. You'll have an e-mail from me shortly:-) Chin up, girly!

  21. I just want to know why it is so hard to write on deadline, be it self imposed or not, and eat healthy. WHY is chocolate easier to pop into my mouth than carrots? WHY WHY WHY????

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