I haven’t thought of a fun theme for Friday yet (besides just fun Friday… I don’t want to steal from Kaye!)

So for now it’ll just be Fab Friday and I’ll just think of something FABULOUS to write about, how’s that?

How’s this for a fun Friday topic?


Ugh, I hate the Monopoly game at McDonald’s. No, I mean I love it. Er, no hate it. Er, love it. Crap!

It’s a love/hate relationship I think.

I love it because, at heart, I LOVE to play games. I grew up on the game monopoly, am a mean uker player (Yes, I know it’s spelled differently, but I don’t care!), my sister and I play a great hand of speed (I usually smoke her, but shhhh…), and then yeah, rummy just rocks the house.

Well, maybe not rocks. Catch phrase is pretty fun too. Oh, and some game called the Mafia that I played like 2 times up in MN which was the epitome of an AWESOME game but I don’t know the rules so have never been able to play it again. If anyone knows the game and the rules, LET ME KNOW!

Back to McDonald’s.

As you may know, they are currently running their Monopoly game where if you buy certain products, you can tear off the game pieces and either instantly win something or collect a monopoly and win.

Chances of you getting a monopoly are slim, but ya never know.

If you want to talk about Marketing, that particular plan is INGENIOUS! I’ve probably spent 10x the amount at McDonalds over the last few weeks than I do in a normal month. It’s ridiculous! I even large size my combo then throw away the extra fries cause I’ll get sick if I eat that many. (you get pieces on a large fry, but not a medium…)

Miraculously though, I haven’t gained any weight. Probably because I’m so full after I leave I don’t eat for the rest of the day.

Anyway, I also then take my ‘dud’ game pieces and enter online to win.

Haven’t won there either, but you can’t fault me for not trying!

If you think I’m dumb, well, I just gotta say. I am not a gambler. I look at the little tickets in the gas station (the $1 ones of course, the $5/$10 ones make my heart about fail just looking at them) and wish I could buy one. It’s the thrill of the scratch I think. But I refrain because I’m not into throwing away my money.

So McDonald’s monopoly is my poor, non-bad way of gambling. I’m getting something for my money but have a chance to win anyway!

That is so sad when I put it like that.

I think I need therapy.

So what are your vices? Are you a game player? Do you *gulp* buy the $10 lottery tickets?

And good grief, if anyone knows how to play Mafia, DO TELL!


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  1. I almost never eat fast-food and I’m too cheap to upsize, but I like playing the game… another love/hate thing. I usually stare longingly at the gameboard, wishing I could afford to invest in the large sizes and win millions of dollars…

    As for real games, my cousins and I get together with our grandma about every other week to play Canasta. That’s good times.

    Any other game is usually fun. I have one rule of thumb, though- if we’re playing games that involve teams, like Canasta or Rook, I have to be on my husband’s team.

    It causes serious bitterness in our marriage if he wins. 🙂

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