Goodness, am I tired.

It is the best tired EVER though!

The ACFW conference last week was… amazing. Exactly what God ordered. I needed a mental break from “life” as it is and it totally delivered. I got to focus on networking and reconnecting with friends… ADULT friends… ones that don’t (usually) whine for food or poop their pants or require scheduled medications to be given to them or scream when someone else hits them (although I’m sure they would if someone actually hit them, but thankfully that’s typically frowned upon at Christian conferences!)

But while I feel emotionally and spiritually recharged, and had some GREAT appointments with my agent and a few editors, I’m now physically running on sleepy fumes. (as evidenced by the fact I am writing this at 9pm on Monday night and my eyes are burning and yelling at me to close them STAT!)

That said, here are a few fun highlights of conference (NOT all inclusive, as that would be impossible to list!)

  • I met the amazing Lauraine Snelling and got to chat a bit with her at dinner on the last night #starstruck
  • Cheering fellow Nashvillian Patrick Carr on as he won the Carol Award for Speculative Fiction, roomie Jody Hedlund on as she won the Carol Award for Historical Romance, and Alleycat Laurie Tomlinson on her Genesis win. There are SO many others that I screamed super loud for too!!!
  • Handing out Sandwich pins! Lots of friends reported being asked, “What’s up with the sandwich?” including a few editors! I even sat down at a pitch session with an Editor with Tyndale and she asked me about it! It was super fun to represent the sandwich!!
  • I got to MEET my new agent in person! She was just as amazing as I thought she’d be!
  • I got to HUG SO many friends, too many to mention!!!
  • I had 3 of the BEST roomies out there, Jody Hedlund, Sarah Forgrave, and Janice Boekhoff.
  • Spending time with my Alleycats — my sisters-of-the-heart.
  • Two pitches that I was INSANELY nervous about but they went much better than I could have hoped for. God reminded me, though, that He has a great plan in mind for my books and it is SO MUCH BETTER than my plans. Continuing to lay my book into HIS hands and trust

*yawn* GOODNESS I’m tired. I know there are a ton of other things I’m missing….*yawn*

Okay, so that’s gonna have to be my update.

Now I must go to bed. Tomorrow (today when you’re reading this…) is filled with laundry and cleaning and repacking for my NEXT trip…

Hubby and I are going to the moutains for a few days to celebrate our 15th anniversary! My inlaws are coming to help take care of the kiddos.

So while I’m emotionally filled but physically exhausted…. rest and recuperation are near!!!

OH! I have a billion and one pictures. Please feel free to visit here to view them! (It’s my personal FB page… but I have the pictures set to public so anyone can see them! At least I think so…)