I’ve been the queen of excuses lately.

And I, um, yeah. Need to stop.

“I’m just super tired” = a very messy house.

“I’ve just had a really long day” = frozen waffles for dinner.

“Just one more piece of chocolate to get me through the day” = way too many pounds gained.

“We’re getting over being sick” = … okay, that one IS a valid excuse.

 I like to justify my excuses by renaming them as “reasons” because it sounds much better.

I keep telling God all the things I need to “change” in order for my excuses to go away.

But I’m reminded of my Minnesota days.

I’ve blogged about it a long time ago, but when I was 16, my parents moved me from Northern Indiana to the very tip northern section of Minnesota. I’m talking, our property sat on the border of Canada, we were that “north.”

I, as most 16 year olds being moved away frome verything they hold dear to the middle of no-where, was NOT pleased.

But about a year into living there, God brought me to Jeremiah 29. We all know verse 11… but he reminded me of the rest of the chapter.

That Israelites were in Babylon against their will, and they were none to happy with it. Verse 11 is God telling them not to worry, that he has plans for them, and a hope and a future. That he is going to take them out of captivity and bring them back to their lands.

But that chapter also tells them that until God deems it time to return, that they are to settle in roots in the land, and cause it to prosper. To marry and have children and LIVE LIFE even though they were in a foreign land.

God showed a very frustrated, bitter 16 year old that God’s plans were bigger than just where I lived. That I was to make friends and not be so cold (pun intended…) to everyone I met. That he had plans for me and would bring me to the place He had for me, but until then, I was to make the most out of the life I was given.

Now, I don’t see my life as an exile right now.

But it is in flux, and sometimes I feel like I’m on a big tilt-a-whirl and not sure when/how it is going to slow down so I can take a breather. I look around and bring God all my “If only you’d ____”‘s.

I feel like today, He’s saying… I get it Krista. I get that things aren’t perfect and I get that you are tired, both physically, mentally, and Spritually.

But hang in there. Enjoy where I have you right now. LIVE LIFE and don’t use the imperfections and all the things that need fixed as an excuse to spend your days complaining instead of living. Change will come… in my timing. I’ve got this. Don’t worry.

It’s easier said than done. But here’s to living life for Jesus as best as we can.

Let’s Chat: What excuses do you commonly use — valid or otherwise?



  1. When the children lived at home, and Leyda was here, I could 'blame' anyone of them….now I have no one but myself….or my hubby!

  2. It's too cold. I'm too tired. I'm lazy. (not an excuse 🙂 just cold reality) Yesterday's was something like "I am just going to sit and hold the baby or lose my mind." Yesterday I got very little done (housework). The youngest is 10m and has a cold. She wouldn't nap and wanted to be held all day. After dinner was over we went to the LR and just sat together. And THEN of course, she began to play happily by herself.

  3. Too tired.. long day at work.. deadlines to meet. and the list of excuses goes on..

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