How do we empower change?

In the policital arena, all we are hearing about is “Change this” “Change that”.

And from both sides of the fence.

Ok, so both sides want change.

I got it. Understood. Point taken.

I really don’t think it is a matter of who is going to envoke change in the US Government. I think in their own ways BOTH candidates will change something. All presidents do to some degree. The mantra is getting a little old to me personally.

How about lets focus on WHAT changes you will bring? Get beyond the surface, beyond the hype, beyond the political crap.

And I am talking on BOTH sides. I’ve heard democrats complain of Obama that there is little substance, he needs to detail what change he is going to make. The political analysts agree too from what I hear on the news. McCain? Same thing. Lets get to the meat of what and how you are going to make your changes.

So, my intent is not to get all political, so let me bring this back around. As a woman, a Christian, a wife, a mother, and a manager, I want my life to make a difference. I want to invoke change. Cause lets face it. We aren’t perfect, No one is.

So I don’t accept status quo, or at least I try not to. We need to be content, but always looking for growth opportunities.

It is my job as a mom to help my kids grow. I need to learn and grow into a better Mother.

As a wife, I need to support my husband more so he can grow, and I need to work on growing to be a better wife.

As a manager, I need to support my employees, help them to grow to be more productive, more accurate, more timely etc. and I need to work on growing to be a better manager.

As a Christian, I need to spread Jesus love to others so they may grown in their walk with God. And I need to work on growing closer to God myself.

I look at my list and I’m overwhelmed. There are all these things that I need to DO. And not even mentioned is being a better writer, and that is really important to me. I have so much to learn and am putting a lot of energy into learning it. I won’t ever write a perfect book, but I can always reach towards my goal.

So how do we empower change? How do we go beyond ourselves?

Here are my tips:

1.) Accept that change isn’t bad. Change for the GOOD is GOOD!

2.) Set smaller attainable goals, but have the grand prize in your sites. Sometimes if we set the BIG goal, and forget about all the little steps it takes to get there, we get overwhelmed and lost on the way. It’s a ladder. Celebrate each rung.

3.) CELEBRATE VICTORYS!!! Every little bit of change in the right direction deserves a celebration! When I got my first rejection letter, I was so excited I about bounced off the walls. WHY? Because it was a little step. I figure most authors get rejected, so just my first RESPONSE was a HUGE attainment for me. Someone read my proposal! AHHH!

4.) Pray. No change is going to be worth a thing without God’s blessings. Don’t be all gung ho for changing something when God hasn’t told you to change it.

5.) Pray. Did I mention this yet? God will direct your steps. Ya gotta communicate with him though!

6.) Did I mention to pray?

7.) Get over yourself. If you are trying to change something for your benefit only, well that’s just pretty dang sad. Your change will be MUCH more powerful if you are doing it for a good unselfish reason! I want to write books. For me? Well, yeah. But also for my family. And I want my words and stories to impact someones life for Christ. I want to invoke change in them. Even if the change is just to get them to smile instead of frown, then that’s a step!

8.) Take a step. The first one is the hardest. Once you see your small goal succeed, it makes the next one a bit easier (but still not easy…)

9.) Be nice. No one wants to work with or change for a mean snotty person.

10.) Be humble. We are nothing without Christ. He gets the glory. Nuff said.

Anyone have any other suggestions? Anything you are working to ‘change’? Any examples of when you changed something important to you??