My baby is starting to find her voice!!!!!

She now has 4 words (that I recognize in all her babbling anyway)

“Iggy” = binky
“bah” = Ball
“mamamamamamamam” = mommy and anytime she just wants to sing mommy all around the house

and her NEWEST word as of yesterday,….

“ehmo” = Elmo!!!

She also goes around the house saying, ee-ii-ee-ii-ooooooooo a lot too, LOL!

She’s also REALLY trying to do better with her hand motions to songs… she ROCKS the itsy bitsy spider, and even does a really good if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!

Okay, so we sat down and took a quick (turned out to be 4 minute, whoops!) video because I wanted to show off my girl!

Unfortunately she refused to say “ball” but I promise she does, LOL! Just not on command!

And sorry for having to suffer through my not-stellar-singing, HA HA HA! 

Let’s Chat — If you’re a parent… what was your kiddos first words??? Any super funny “my kid said this but oh-ma-goodness-it-didn’t-sound-like-it” stories?


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  1. My baby isn't so much a baby anymore…he's 7 now…but he had tons of things that were said wrong but we loved them so we used them with him. He would call his paci a fabflab, outside was southside, water was agwar, and there was one that we wanted to crawl under a rock when he said it…we were sitting in my in-laws church and my father-in-law was getting ready to preach and my baby saw a picture of a frog and as my f-i-l said lets pray my baby at 2 dropped the f-bomb (and that is not a word that is used in our house) and everyone turned and looked at me in shock…he very quickly learned the correct word for frog…

    Love reading your stories about your babies growing up!

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