Oh what a day!!

Easter was fun… if just a little stressful. Scott and Grandma Phillips did Easter morning with Kara, Lacy, and Gabby, and I did Easter morning with Annabelle. This is the first Easter, probably in my entire life, that I did not go to church. I feel like a heathen, even though I know God understands. I’d had intentions of going at least to the hospital chapel at 11, but Annabelle did not cooperate.

No, instead she spent her morning huffing and puffing… quite literally. She ran a fever of 101.4, and was working extra, extra hard to breathe and was VERY junky.

So, we changed up some meds, did a bunch of cultures, and now we wait to see if anything “grows.” The assumption is that she still just has some type of cold virus. But obviously we can’t go home with this, because they are having to deep suction every 4 hours and she is on 4 different types of respiratory treatments. *sigh*

Our original “goal” go-home date was tomorrow (although it is 12:13 a.m. so I guess it was today!) but yeah… that isn’t happening. If she can kick this virus soon, then MAYBE we can still go home this week? PLEASE Jesus let it be!

As nervous as I was about going home before, now that it is delayed, I want it BAD. I still have no wish to hurry her… I don’t want to take her home a minute before she is ready. But Mommy is now VERY ready for Annabelle to be ready! I even went home and organized her room on Saturday, and put together her high chair (understand she won’t be able to eat… but even sitting with us at the dinner table sounds fun!)

Back to Easter… we had dinner at my sister’s house and had an Easter egg hunt for the girls… then came to see Annabelle, took a bunch of pictures, and had a mini-Easter egg hunt for them here. I loved being with my family, and I loved being a “mommy” to ALL of my kids for a little while. I’m SO SO SO ready to take on my Mommy job! I miss it… a lot! *sigh*

Anyway, please just keep our family in your prayers this week, specifically for strength as we wait this last period of time before Annabelle comes home, and for Annabelle’s lungs to CLEAR UP, and for her to have NO more fever. Please also pray that the rest of us stay WELL and don’t catch her bug! I am back to popping large doses of Vitamin C!!

Here are a bunch of pictures from Easter in Annabelle’s room! (and one I threw in there because it was from a day or two ago and was just too darn cute!) Oh, and there are a lot of them… because I couldn’t choose between them! *grin*

 Annabelle and her Easter Basket! Her dress isn’t QUITE as froofy as her bumbo makes it look!

Annabelle loves the attention! We all thought she looked AMAZING in her Easter dress!

Lacy (purple) Gabby (pink) Karalynn (teal) Annabelle (nervous pink baby in the middle!)

Annabelle snuggling with her big sister Karalynn!!

Annabelle snuggling with big sister Lacy!

Snuggling with her big sister Gabriella!!

 So pretty!

She loves her Grandpa Johnson!

Grandma Johnson too!

She LOVES spending time with Grandma Phillips too! Misses her grandpa Phillips, but can’t wait to see him again in June!!! When she is HOME!!

Nice Phillips’ Family….

 Silly Phillips’ family… Not sure Annabelle knows what to think about the family she’s been born into!

This is a fun story. So first think this morning, I put her in her “My First Easter” onsie and headband. Didn’t want to chance her messing up her pretty dress before everyone could come and see her in it!  But… about 20 minutes after I dressed her, the nurse came in and was like, “Uh, did you know she was dirty?” Sure enough, complete explosion all over her Easter onsie! I made her hold off on changing the diaper so I could get a quick pic… I just made sure I aimed for her top half since the bottom was a pretty gross sight! SO glad it wasn’t her Easter dress though!!

And thought I’d end it with a big ol’ grin!



  1. I'm glad you had such a fun Easter with your family. The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing.

    Continued prayers that you'll be home with all your girls soon.

  2. What a beautiful family! Annabelle's smile just melts my heart!

  3. Adorable!! Your Garbriella is the spitting image of you!!! Praying you all get to go home soon!

  4. I will continue praying for Miss Annabelle. I am so sorry to hear that she is sick, I pray for health and that she can come home soon.
    That last picture of her, her little grin is darling!

  5. Your girls are precious. Love the silly face picture!

    ~ Wendy

  6. I just LOVE Easter family pics. Everybody's all dressed up and clean and pretty. I saw you commented on ours too. 😀 Her Easter onesie was cute too, even if it did have a blow-out poop below. LOL!

    We're still praying for Annabelle! Of course you know that, but I'll tell you again.

    I hope you'll have a wonderful day in the hospital today and that Annabelle clears up. Here's hoping for HOME!

  7. I pray that your sweet little one gets to go home with you soon… and for healthy days for everyone in your family!

  8. Praying for your precious family, Krista. They're so beautiful! May God's strength flow through you this week. Praying for healing for Annabelle.

  9. I loved the pictures! The girls look so pretty in their Easter dresses.

  10. So thankful to see her precious smiling face. God is good!

  11. All your girls are beautiful! Annabelle looks AMAZING in her dress, what a sweetie. Your 2 middle girls look so similar. Loved the picture of all the big sisters, how special 🙂

    Praying for your amazing family!

    With love, Shannon

  12. You have such pretty girls! I love all the dresses. You guys are such a sweet family, and we are praying that Annabelle is home soon!

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