I have a problem.

It’s a private-ish one, not one I’d really blog about and discuss with the world.

But it’s an important one. A decision I need to make. Something that is close to my heart.

I’m a “take the bull by the horn” kinda girl. I like to solve problems. It’s just what I do. I also am a BIG believer that no man is an island.

So this morning, I set out on a quest to seek wisdom and solve my problem. I started an email to some close friends of mind, asking for prayer.

I talked with a family member, asking for prayer and opinions.

My hubby and I had a long discussion yesterday about it as well.

I was going through a list of the other people who I could seek wise council from, to make sure I wasn’t making a stupid “Krista” lead solution. Because, honestly, talking it out with others many times brings forth thoughts and perspectives that I may not have otherwise seen.

But then I heard a holy clearing-of-the-throat.

Not with my ears, but my heart.

I could just picture God standing there, arms crossed, eyebrows raised, waiting.

You see, I’d been so busy seeking council and asking for prayer…. all VERY GOOD THINGS…. that I’d neglected to spend time in prayer with the God who knew EVERYTHING. Could see every perspective and was the wisest dude around.

So I got on my knees, apologized for my waywardness, and had a nice conversation with my Jesus.

No grand thought appeared. And I still feel like he wants me to seek wisdom and prayer from those who have gone before me and have the wisdom of years. Many times God chooses to speak through these people. And that is AWESOME!

But I’m reminded today that I can’t forget my own prayers. I can’t forget that God wants to hear my own voice, hear my own heart.

Nothing is too big or too small for God. WOW, that sounds so very cheesy and Christiany— but it’s true.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the basics, I guess:-)

Discussion: What about you? Do you ever spend more time seeking others opinion’s than God’s? How do you balance the two?


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  1. your not alone in this. I often go to other people before I go to God. Thank you for being open and honest and sharing this.

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