Wrote Monday about how I was resting in Jesus….

Rest… what’s that again????

I had great plans for my post for today, but as always, Annabelle likes to change my plans.

First, had a not-so-fun phone call from her pulmonologist today.

We got final sleep study results, and they were not what he nor I anticipated. In fact, previously he’d told me that he thought they looked good but hadn’t seen the final report yet, so he’d call with that info.

Well, the call said that the results were virtually the same as they were in the Spring.

Annabelle doesn’t like to breathe well at night.

Tonsils and adenoids removal did not fix our problem, they just… changed it.

I don’t understand it all, but basically, before her large tonsils were obstructing air multiple times an hour from getting into her lungs.

But now, while nothing is obstructing it, and she’s still breathing at regular interviews, but she takes very shallow breaths so she dips her SAT’s several times per hour during these episodes.


So we are back on a 1/2 liter of oxygen for the foreseeable future.

There is a small chance that part of her problem was because she caught a bit of a cold the week before. Prior to that, she seemed, at home anyway, to be doing FABULOUS with her O2 sats.

And even with the cold, it’s been super mild and she’s been handling everything SO SO SO well besides the occasional cough. 

We’ll do a home pulseox study in a few months to see if she’s any better, and if she is, will have another repeat sleep study. *sigh*

Speaking of colds though…

It isn’t quite so mild anymore. We’d put her on antibiotics given the length of the cough, but she finished them yesterday and today her cough is even worse and now she’s running 102 fever. And this evening, her work of breathing was not pretty. She calmed down a bit when she went to sleep though.


Writing this at 11:40 on Tuesday night… and right now she’s finally settled out. Cardiology was fine to let her stay home and rest as long as we’re careful and watch her.

So yes, it’s been a fun evening.

I know, I know, I know.

It’s probably just a cold. She’ll be fine. There’s no reason to freak out.

And I know, I know, I know.

It’s just oxygen at home. We’ve been there and done that. Pretty close to her whole life. This should not derail me.

And it won’t derail me… for more than a day or so anyway. And by that I mostly mean my diet… I ate a lot of chocolate today. *ahem*

Really need to learn go deal with setbacks without chocolate… I really really do!



  1. Good Morning Krista,
    Hopefully you were able to rest some last night. My husband and I woke up with the head cold junk last Thursday, both of us same day! I took a entire box of Alka Seltzer with no relief. My aunt told me to get a bottle of childrens Dimetapp Cold and Allergy. I started it Monday night and it worked great! Have a great day, praying Annabelle feels better fast!

    This will not help your chocolate cravings but this is really good:
    Hershey Bar Pie
    Oreo Pie Crust (Wal Mart)
    Heat marshmallows and milk in double boiler till marshmallows have melted
    15 – 18 Large marshmallows
    1/2 cup milk
    Add 6 Hershey Bars with almonds and stir until that is all melted
    Let cool and mix in 1/2 cup cool whip and pour into Oreo pie crust
    Chill over night, top with the rest the container of cool whip and crushed Oreo cookies (I scraped the cream out of a few Oreo's and crushed them)

    1. Holy cow. I'm drooling That sounds AMAZING (minus the almonds… HA HA HA!)

  2. Hoping this improves as her cold goes away!! What a fabulous recipe, MismisWilson!!!

  3. I'm sorry Annabelle's sleep results weren't all you'd hoped for, Krista, and I'm sad she's battling a cold. I hope she sends that bug packing pronto.

  4. Aww! 🙁 I feel you on bad sleep study results…Isa had her adenoids removed last week and that took care of the obstructive part of it for her but she's still got the central(which is where all of Isa's desats were) and we went home from the hospital on Friday on O2 for naps and bed(1/2 liter) I do have a question though and seeing as you've dealt with keeping cannula's on babies a LOT….where do you find those round cheek stickers? we were only given 1 pair when we left the hospital and I can't seem to find the same thing anywhere else….calling around home health places and coming up empty. lol
    Praying for your sweet girl! <3

    1. We're on a half liter at bed to.

      Honestly, I only use the round cheek stickers when she was on O2 100% of the time. It was so much easier to keep it on there and chagne it out. BUT… they are terrible to take off her cheek, and I really didn't want her to have to run around with them during the day when she wasn't on o2.

      So I just use silk tape. Honestly, it holds better anyway, and is easier tot ake off with the cannula in the morning anyway.

      But, to your original company, the company that provides our respiratory supplies (cannulas, o2 tanks, tubing, pulseox) also supplies the round stickers. Seriously, if you need some, I might have some I haven't used I can send to you. email me if you'd like!

      You might also talk to your doctor, it could be that they need to send a script to your med supply company. (that's also where I get the silk tape from too… I don't use regular tape as the silk kind is the only one that works and doesnt' hurt her face!)

    2. Ooh….silk tape sounds right up our alley. I really wanted to avoid keeping the round ones on all the time…we're currently using paper tape but her poor cheeks are just getting ripped up. 🙁 I'll take the round ones if you have them!! Thank you so much! What is your email?

  5. Dear God,

    Heal Annabelle's body and bring her back to full health. Give Krista peace and help her not to worry. "Cast all your anxieties on the Lord because he cares for you." (1 peter 5:7)

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