I had a revelation this past weekend.

God is a control freak.

I’ve always thought I had a problem with this, but God trumps us all, folks. Seriously, he wants 100% control ALL of the time, every day, with everybody. How dare he!

He dares… because he can. and he should.

Some days I have difficulty with this, the whole giving control over to God thing. I mean, think about it. We really don’t NEED to give it to him. The dude can take it himself whenever he wishes. He’d just much rather us hand it over peaceably than to have to bring out the big guns.

But then other days, I hold out my hands and throw the control over to him, crying, “Please, Jesus. Take it. I don’t want it any more.”

I’m in one of those modes right now, probably because God has showed me his muscle a bit and caused me to remember the “big guns” in all their glory.

This weekend was one of really high, highs, and really low, lows. All around me I see marriages forming and others that are threatening to buckle. I see God giving birth to new, wonderful things, but then others being taken from this world tragically, much too early in the view of us humans. I feel euphoric at one moment, then frustrated enough to scream the next.

And that’s when I drop to my knees and fling my cares upon God and cry out for mercy and peace. And guess what? I serve a very big, merciful God who wraps me in his arms and gives those things to me. He then, with his very gentle, loving voice, whispers in my ear. “I want to give you these things every day Krista. I want you to give me control every day so I can do things more wonderful than you can even imagine.”

And I rest in Him, knowing that He plans to do just that.

Discussion: This one is getting a bit deep and personal, but don’t you think we should get that way with each other sometimes? I’d love to hear something in your life that you’ve had a hard time giving God control of. It may be simple like finances or your writing career, but let’s lay it all out and determine this day, to hand over the reigns to Jesus.



  1. Oh shoot, Krista! Honesty? Sharing deep? What's that? 🙂 I have had MANY times in my life that I've hung on to my own agendas! In fact, many years ago, after my twin daughters were born, I specifically told one of my friends that I would never give up my writing. But about six months after I told her that, God very gently extracted my writing career from my hands and put it on the shelf. There it sat for almost nine years! I gave it completely to him and was ready to never write again if that was his will. Fortunately, God gave it back to me a couple of years ago! And now today I'm writing strong!

  2. What a beautiful post and a great visual of God holding us. It's SO true!!

    My writing is something I am constantly handing over to God. Each and every morning, I give it to Him and ask Him for guidance. There's been so many other things as well.

  3. Oh yes indeed! All my life I have struggled with having to control my money. Married to a preacher, there hasn't been than much to control, but I want to be in charge and know that I am taken care of. It had become a stronghold, I believe. Well, my husband starting a church 3 years ago and us spiraling downward financially about did me in. I finally…FINALLY…gave it over to God. I handed my husband the checkbook and have not looked back. True, we are just in the process of getting back on our feet with a new church ministry, but the fear is gone. God provides. He really, really does. It's just a shame I have to learn the hard way.

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