I just recently added the “followers” on my blog page to list who follows my blog.


Really? Only three? Now, I know I don’t have this massive 300-400 people following, but I hope it’s more than three people that read these–especially since I’m one of them! (and I know it is…you all are just hiding! Come on, admit it!)

So, here’s my shameless plea to click the little “Follow Me” button on the side of my blog.

What will you get for doing this?

1.) The immense satisfaction that you’ve made me smile.
2.) The joy of seeing your own smiling face (or fun profile picture like my hubby’s sheep) whenever you read my blog.
3.) Other people might just say, “Hmmm, I wonder what awesome person that is?” and click on your smiling face and go to YOUR blog.
4.) Uh, well, just do it okay? For me? Please? Don’t make me beg. Seriously. It won’t be a pretty sight. (Picture a grown woman clinging to your leg kicking and waling as you drag her across the floor…) You know you don’t want that!

On a non blog-administrative note: IT’S FRIDAY!!!! I love Fridays. They make me smile, I get giddy, and well, it’s just all around good fun. Karalynn is at a b-day party, and Lacy and Gabs and I are hanging out playing “shopping” while I wish we really WERE shopping. AFter a while I’ll put in a movie for them then do a little writing.

So…. if you read this ON Friday, what are your plans for the evening? If you read this later, Tell us about your fun frivolous Friday night!




  1. My Friday nights are so lame. By the time Friday comes, hubby and I are whipped. We’ve gone from the years of being able to put our kids to bed early so WE can get to sleep, to falling asleep on the couch and our kids put themselves to bed (they’re preteens).

    Aging stinks sometimes. LOL

    Krista, I loved your rant on Avily’s blog. Preach it, sister. Preach it. I finally broke down and ranted on my own blog when I discovered that a bill…the stimulus bill…has its own EMBLEM. That was the last straw for me.

    Take care and have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Krista,

    You painted a vivid picture! I could almost feel you tugging on my leg. Oh wait, that’s my three year old!

  3. Gwen, lol, my friday nights are about the same, although even worse as my husband has to work every single one of them so it’s just wiped out Krista here with the kiddos:-)

    Jody, LOL, yeah, I have three little girls, 8, 5, and 2 1/2. They must be rubbing off on me!

  4. Smile Krista, I’m on my way to singing up right now!

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