First… my blog will go back to “normal” sometime soon… I just have to find time to change it back! That, and I wanted to update my header a bit and haven’t had time to do so. So bear with me as we “extend” the CHD awareness look for a few more days!

Annabelle has a cold.

A pretty yucky one:-(

Her cough is nasty and I finally took her to the pediatrician the other day, and she has a DOUBLE ear infection!!! YUCK YUCK YUCK!

And now her antibiotic is making her have yuckier than normal poop (sorry, I KNOW you wanted to know that!) so that’s great fun too.

We’ve had to go up to the max setting we have at home on her oxygen a few times, although she did well on 1/4th of a liter last night. (She was on 1/16th when we first put her back on it when she didn’t have a cold…)

But at least she’s getting antibiotics now and I can tell she’s feeling a little better today (apart from the cough) so at least that’s something. We also go to cardiology today for a weight check, so I’m hoping her card will peek at her and make sure they aren’t concerned that it’s anything more. It is SO SO SO hard because symptoms of a cold are also symptoms we look for in heart related stuff (persistent cough, lethargic, fever… although she only had a low-grade one day…, increased O2 requirement)

So anyway, my mommy brain just needs a wee bit of reassurance today that it is “just” a cold!

We also having feeding therapy that I think we are still going to today. We could skip, but to be honest, this cold might last a while given Annabelle’s low immune system, so I really don’t want to skip her therapy for that long! We will play it by ear though…

In other news…

Scott had a good birthday!!! He had a surprise by his brother and sister-in-law coming for a few hours to see him on his birthday (they were in town for a concert but live in NC) and then his parents drove in that day too and surprised him at dinner that evening, along with the rest of my family that lives here! It was a fun day!!! AND… Scott and I got to go on a DATE on Sunday, something we rarely rarely get, while his parents watched all the kids!!!

And in even COOLER news…

My Lacy (almost 8) brought home a paper from school yesterday. It said that they pick 2 kids art-work out of each grade level at the school to be displayed at a special exhibit at the Frist Center in Nashville.

Guess who’s art-work from the 2nd grade was picked?????? (Well, one of the two…) YUP! Lacy’s!!!!! AND! The weekend of the open house when the exhibit opens is her birthday weekend, so it will be a fun thing to go see her artwork hanging in the Frist right around her birthday! I mean, how COOL is that!

Yes… I am just a wee bit proud of my daughter!!!!!!


On Friday, my girls all dressed in their Christmas-turned-Valentine’sDay dresses and Daddy took them (minus Annabelle) to the “dance” at school!!!! I came later with Annabelle since I had to help out with the “flower” stand… so Annabelle was able to get her picture with Daddy too!

So, I just can’t help it. I want to cry when I see this picture. Daddy with his 4 girls… And he did SO SO SO good getting them Valentine’s day presents too, because as we all know, HE is their valentine until some lucky guy makes it past MY shot-gun… (yes mine… I just can’t picture my sweet, quiet hubby with a gun… me on the other hand… watch out boys!!!!)

’12 Father/Daughter Valentine’s Day Dance!!!


  1. What a great picture of a great dad and his daughters!

    I hope Annabelle gets well soon.

  2. Witt just went through the cold/ear infection thing. Took two rounds of antibiotics to shake it. Will be praying that Annabelle gets over it quickly.


  3. Aw, great picture! And hooray for a date night AND for your daughter's art exhibit! I hope Annabelle feels better soon! (Wow, that was a lot of exclamation points for one little comment. :))

  4. What an AWESOME picture! One to be cherished forever and forever!! So sweet! Daddy is loved loved loved loved!

  5. What a lovely post,(except the ear infection and cold).

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