In fact, I just love February. What a COOL month! All about loooooove!

And it’s my LOVE’s birthday month, so it makes it all the more special!

It’s also, if you couldn’t tell by the red decorations on my blog and my rare Tuesday post, heart month. And in heart month, we take the dates of 02/07 – 02/14 to not only celebrate our little (and big!) CHD heroes, but to raise awareness about it and showcase things you may not have known, or things you can do to help the cause as well.

CHD, by the way, stands for Congenital Heart Defect. I tend to assume everyone knows what it means, but every once in a while I’ll get a funny look from someone and the “What does CHD stand for question.”

To be honest, before Annabelle, I probably would have asked the same thing.

To kick of CHD week, I wanted to post the video that I made last year. It’s a bit rough. I was doing it on the fly from the hospital, and didn’t have a lot of time. I thought about redoing it to make it better, but someday I’ll just do a whole new one.

The song is one my hubby wrote for Annabelle.

A quick update on the 5 babies mentioned:

Anna Reese is Miss rockstar! She’s been home since August (except for a brief stay last month when she had her heart-cath.)

Bodie continues to do fabulous! He is now two, but the time is drawing closer for his 3rd and last open heart surgery.

Lillian got her heart on March 24th, 2011!! She’s at home doing GREAT now! Fun note: Lillian is one of Annabelle’s middle names. AND… Lillian has an older sister named Annabelle! How cool is that!!!

Daniel is now 7 and continues to do well! Go Mr. Daniel!

And Annabelle. Of course, Annabelle got her heart on April 9th, 2011. She had a pretty rocky path over the summer, but she’s at home being our own Princess Rockstar!



  1. That was a tough one to watch and hear. I kept remembering the video of my niece humming to Cayden. CHD runs in my family. I know all too well what it stands for. ~continued prayers~ I won't be around anymore after today but your family has touched my life & will have my continued prayers~

  2. First, I didn't get to read yesterday's post until today. I was so excited to read the progress that Annabelle is making. She is doing wonderful for one who had such a delayed start! She'll catch up. I look forward to seeing a video one day of her cruising and/or walking.

    Speaking of videos … thanks for sharing the video you made last year. Since it is CHD Awareness Week, I'll be sure to share it, if you don't mind. Of course this week is very important to our family, too.

    An addition to your update on Daniel … At the beginning of December when Daniel had his yearly cardiology visit, his cardiologist cut his blood pressure medication in half. Thank you, Jesus!

    We continue to keep you in our prayers. May God bless!

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