I only have a minute to update. I’m on “leg holding” duty as Annabelle can’t move her leg for 6 hours (2 more hours to go.)

SO far, she’s been asleep most of the time, so hasn’t moved it much, but when she wakes up, it’s not pleasant.

Cath went fantastic. She did great, all her pressures were good, her coronary arteries were good, her PA’s were good. They had thought they might need to balloon a PA, but they were actually normal size. He explained that since her heart is bigger (came from a child a year or two older than her) that what was connecting to the PA’s were larger, so on echo, it gave the illusion of “narrowed” Pulmonary Arteries.

So, no intervention necessary! We should find out tomorrow the results of the biopsy as far as rejection concerns, but nothing visibly looked concerning, so PRAISE JESUS FOR THAT!!!!!!

Our plan is to go home tonight. At 6:30, we can get Annabelle up and spend an hour trying to make sure she does “normal” stuff.

Mommy’s concern is that she’s needing oxygen at this point (she dips to 80’s and 70’s without it.) This is semi-normal because of her sedation, but I really don’t like it:- ( I don’t have a monitor at the hospital or an oxygen tank for the ride home, and I’m driving her home myself (daddy is at home with other kiddos) so we shall see how the evening goes. I’m fairly confident that once we can get her sat up and awake, we’ll be able to take her off of oxygen. If we can’t… well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Will post more updates and pictures tomorrow when I’m able. Right now, gotta take care of my baby!




  1. Praising God with you tonight!!!

  2. Yay!! So excited for you and Miss Annabelle!!

  3. Thanks for the update. It is so encouraging to hear the good report! Thank you, Jesus!

  4. ๐Ÿ™‚ Rejoicing with you, Krista!

  5. Oh yes! Iโ€™m so glad sheโ€™s doing well!

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