No, nothing is wrong with Annabelle or our family. Everyone *knock on wood* is doing pretty well at the moment. (although continued prayers that it STAYS that way are always appreciated!)

My heart is heavy today because there are SO many prayer needs for so many little ones I know. I don’t always post them, because, honestly, I follow a LOT of kiddos on facebooks/blogs and things and the need for prayer is overwhelming somedays.

But today, these hit super close to home.

I shared on Facebook yesterday that a sweet little girl at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital (our home away from home) was getting her new heart. While the Superbowl was in full swing and crazy things like stadium lights were going out…. little Nadia was getting her special blessing: A full, working heart donated from an unknown family who had to make the hard choice to donate their sweet little ones organs.

I woke up this morning, excited to see the update on how Nadia did overnight, only to find that things did NOT go well. Her right ventricle was not functioning properly. They’d had to put her on ECMO. And they were taking her to the cath lab to see if they could figure out what was wrong. Her surgeon is worried, and as a lot of heart momma’s know, surgeons tend to be pretty optimistic, so this is very concerning.

To let you see just a very brief snippet of how sweet this little girl is…

PLEASE pray for this family, for this sweet little girl, that our big God would guide surgeons hands and touch sweet Nadia’s new heart and make it work WELL. (You can follow her story and LIKE her page on Facebook at Praying for Nadia)

My heart is heavy, as well, because two other children I’d been praying for went to meet Jesus this last week.

So today, I look around my very messy house that I haven’t had time to clean… I see my long to-do list that beckons me to be shortened… I see my own sweet girls with big steps in eating and talking that still need to be taken…

And I thank God for every. single. one. of those things.

Knowing others struggles doesn’t take away from the hardness of each of our own lives. Sometimes it IS overwhelming, to be sure. And exhausting. And fear inducing. 

But… it makes me thankful that I have those things to deal with.

So would you please join me in praying for three families who are enduring unfathomable loss… and one little girl and her family and a whole medical team who are fighting to prevent another?

And look around and count your blessings today. I know I am.


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  1. what a sweet little girl!! 🙂 will be praying for her!

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