It’s been… a good day!

Besides her sleeping, we stayed on Annabelle’s schedule well! All meds on time and accurate.

She did decide that 5:00 this morning was a great time to wake up. Mommy wasn’t so thrilled about this as Momma hadn’t gone to bed until after midnight and had gotten up at 4 to put more feeds in Annabelle’s feed pump.

Thankfully, come 8 a.m., Daddy got up (how come Men can always sleep through EVERYTHING?) and took care of Annabelle so Mommy could go back to sleep.

Three hours later, I woke up! It was the first time I felt half-way rested in a good while, and definitely since being home!

But the COOL news for today is…

Annabelle ate a few bits of baby carrots!

I know… she’s 11 months so this should NOT be such a big step, but it is!

In the past, she’s gagged and wretched when put even put the spoon by her lips. She still shuttered and visibly didn’t like it… but she swallowed and NO gagging! TWICE!

There was so much on her chin, I kinda was unsure if she really really swallowed or if she just looked like she did.

But… a little later, I was switching her extension on her Gtube and accidently left the new one open… and guess what leaked all over Mommy’s shirt? You guessed it. CARROTS! And a good bit of them too! Messy… but I was SO excited to know that she actually got a bit of them in her!

Can we all say PROGRESS???!!!???

Less runny poop today (lovely, descriptive post today, I know…who wants to go eat some carrots after this???) but her bottom is still pretty raw. It seems to be getting just a little better though.

Clinic visit tomorrow. I’m confident that she’s going to do GREAT! Need to follow up with them about PT. She desperately needs it. I know I can do it myself, but her muscles are so weak… and she still hurts some from surgery, and I just feel SO inadequate in it! I’m so afraid I’m going to push her too hard (I’m usually the “buck-up and just do it” kinda Mom) that I think sometimes I don’t push her enough.

Lacy is doing better! Her fever is gone, so YEAH for that! And only FIVE more days ’till I get to see ALL my girls again!!! I am SO SO SO SO excited!!!!!!! I am SO ready to give all three of them some MAJOR BIG hugs! And I am ready to tackle the job of settling into our new “normal” too. It will take a while, and there will, I’m sure, be some kinks, but we’re ready to face it!

 To prove to you that she ate her carrots and didn’t mind it too badly!!!!

But lest you think she liked it TOO much….

First time in the jumperoo since this most recent surgery. She only lasted about 10 minutes then was REALLY fussy. I thought maybe it was just too soon since surgery and it was hurting her, but when I got her out… yeah, she’d pooped. ALL over jumperoo… and subsequently ALL over Mom.

But ya know what? Poop happens. And I am SO SO SO SO glad to deal with it… AT HOME!!!!



  1. YAY! Completely understand the late milestones. Nothing near as serious as Miss Annabelle, but so very cool that she got some carrots!

    Have you tried Bourdreaux Butt Paste? It worked on diaper rashes none of the others did for two of my kiddos.

    PTL for good days! And good naps!

  2. Yay for carrots! Glad to hear Lacy is better! Hope you can get some rest, Krista.

  3. Yay for the carrots!
    Those pics of Annabelle eating the carrots are PRICELESS! What a cutie 🙂
    I'm happy to hear that you were able to get some rest and that Lacy is feeling better!

  4. Praise the Lord for good days and new milestones! Milk of magnesia works wonders for diaper rash! Give it a try if you've exhausted your other resources! 🙂

  5. Way to go, Baby Girl!! So proud of you!!

  6. Yaay for the carrots! So happy Lacy's feeling better, too.

    If it's any consolation, Miss Annabelle, I'm not crazy about carrots either. 🙂

  7. Those pictures made me smile!!

    My 10mo old is just now tolerating solids, so I can commiserate!

  8. When these special kiddos hit that milestone it doesn't matter what age they are. It's like them hitting a homerun! Celebrate every one of them. God is so good! Two bites of carrots is awesome! Logan has had numerous developemental issues and I praise God each time he hits a milestone. In fact, just last Sunday he cried when I left him in the nursery at church and I celebrated! He's supposed to miss Mommy and not want to be left. 17 months old and it was the first time he realized that he didn't want me to go. Keep celebrating all the little things…..because they are really big things to these kiddos.

  9. Meh, who cares if the milestones are "late", they are still happening!!! Woot Woot for carrots! Very glad Lacy is feeling better, and yay to seeing the whole family soon 😀

  10. Milestones are milestones, regardless of their timing. I think it's more exciting when they come later because of all the anticipation. 🙂 She's been a busy girl!! She looks GREAT Krista- so happy and relaxed. 🙂 Good luck at clinic- sending prayers that everything goes perfectly!

  11. Yay for carrots!! And for Annabelle!! I'm so happy to hear that she's doing well =D

  12. Hooray for real food! If you're still looking for a good "fanny cream," There's one you can ask for at your pharmacy called DermaCloud ointment. It's wonderful! The pharmacist will have to mix it for you, but if they don't have it there, I know they have it at Siler City Pharmacy here where your inlaws live. Maybe they could bring you some when they bring the girls home. Annabelle looks SO good and SO happy! Praying that she continues to thrive!
    -Shannon Stafford

  13. I have 3 boys (2 with cystic fibrosis) my youngest had bad digestive issues, and EVERYTIME we put him in the jumperoo hed poop EVERYWHERE! we had to move it to t he kitchen to keep the situation "contained!.

  14. Awwww "Carrots Mom, Really?!" that's what I read on her facial expressions…baby steps, baby steps…praying for abundant blessings~

  15. Woohoo! You know it's a good day when your worries have transitioned to the consistency of diaper matter. 🙂 Praying she continues to improve.

  16. Your post left me with a very big smile. I love your attitude! What a great reminder for the rest of us.

    I loved the pics of her in her high chair with carrots on her face. What a change from one pic to the next. Even though she is pouting in the second picture, it still brought a smile to my face. She is such a doll.

    Looks like she is headed in the right direction. I remember the days of trying to get Daniel to eat and drink without the strangling. It might be a slow process for her but she'll get there.

    We continue to pray for her, as well as, the rest of the family. Hang in there.

  17. Yeah for carrots – squash was a big hit for my heart kiddo.

    Overnight feeds…. You need to fashion a portable cooler – lunch bag of some sort – cut a hole in the bottom (just a small one) for the bag tubing. One in the top if you need to for the "handle" of the bag. Pop in an ice pack and top off before you go to bed and voilà – it's still cold in the morning.

    If you have an infinity pump then ask your medical supply co to get you a backpack. It had a pocket in it that holds an ice pack. Then it's super easy to take places. The Joey has a bag too, but it's not as user friendly, but still worth it. If your med supply co won't get one you can buy them online.

  18. Calmospetine for diaper rash and gtube site (just make sure you have 2 different containers clearly marked.)

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