Well, heart-cath today is a no-go. We got bumped due to a backup in the cath-lab from yesterday. It is postponed until Wednesday (probably in the morning but waiting for confirmation on that…)

I’m okay with this… but it is just frustrating because once I plan on something, I have everything else planned around it and my nice little plans just come falling down! But, God’s plans are bigger than mine, so are his thoughts (Isaiah 55…) so I’m believing He has a reason for even this little bump!




  1. Krista, you're probably discovering (if you haven't already) that the key to sanity is flexibility. With a precious beauty like Annabelle, plans become a thing of fluidity and "go with the flow" takes on a whole new meaning.

    Prayers for all of you, as always, but especially for you and your family's mental peace.

  2. Going with the flow….yep. You gotta flow in His spirit and let His steps guide you. I know you have got to be so frustrated and anxious! I wish I could be there for you!

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