Before I begin, let me just say I am mostly over the Mother’s Day thing. I broke down and confessed my sin to my husband, who was irritated to say the least. We’re over it. Water under the bridge. I’ve moved on. Mostly:-)

I have spent the last few days editing my finished manuscript feriously. There were a handful of nuggets that I learned from my writing retreat and so I read through most of my book and made the corrections and changes. Most of them were mechanical, and I am realizing just how tedious editing can be!! I try to read it slowly when I edit, otherwise I am skimming and missing things, so it takes me a good week of my spare time to get through the whole thing. I feel like my eyes are going to bug out of my head! And to make matters worse, I know there are still parts I flagged that I want to work out some kinks in, wording that I don’t like, places where it sounds *preachy* instead of natural.

Maybe it is bad, but I am beginning to not like my book anymore. I don’t think I would like any book if I had read it as many times as I have read mine. Especially the first chapter. The first chapter is now horribly boring, but I know that is just because after 200 reads, anything is boring! Part of this is because many times, instead of figuring out where I left off, I just start back at the beginning. *yawn* I am tried just thinking about it.

I just want to get it to a place where I can be proud, and where I can feel like honestly pitch it to people without worrying about what they will see when the read the *rest* of the book.

Now that I have yawned one too many times than necessary, I am going to bed. Tomorrow will find me yet again on my lunch break editing my book furiously. Tomorrow evening will find me driving 30 minutes home from work, picking up my kiddo’s, driving 30 minutes back to pick up Karalynn from her girlscout thing, going to dinner with girlscout troop, driving 30 minutes home just in time (or mostly way past time) for bedtime. The rest of my week is looking just as hectic if not worse.

Wow, sleep sounds good.