This is so sad. I forgot I had a blog. Well, ok, that is a lie. I didn’t forget. I just forgot where it was. Yes, I am an idiot at times. Everyonce in a while I would think… hmmm… I created a blog right? Where was that again? I even googled it a few times but evidently my blog isn’t good enough to show up anywhere on the the search engine:-)

On a seperate less stupid note, I am watching Wheel of Fortune at the present time. Awwww. the prize was $50K and she didn’t get the bonus puzzle. In her defense, the puzzle was Utah Jazz. Who in the world would ever guess ‘Utah Jazz’. I think that was just cruel.

On yet another note (sorry, full of notes today) I am starting on a new book!! Book 2 of the series, WOOHOO!! Still praying for God’s will to be done. He knows how books get published and He knows the desires of my heart. I want to be a mommy, and a wife, and a writer, but most of all a follower of Jesus Christ. Finding the balance with working full time and everything else I am *supposed* to be is just difficult. But God knows. And I am believing (somedays more than others) that God will come through once again and reveil his will yet again. He has yet to fail me, so why do I question every time again?? Now I know why he said ‘Ye of little faith’ so many times to his disciples.

Well, the wheel is over, and I promised my girls ice cream. (I am such a good mom.. well, depending how you look at it!!)