Oh, it’s been a CRAZY last few days!!!! Busy, Busy, Busy!

Our weekend was GREAT! Thank you SO much to everyone who made it to the party! It was SO fun to celebrate with you all!

Lacy’s baptism went well! Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of that:-( I was trying to take it with Annabelle in my hands and my hand kept slipping so my picture is of like her arm as she was getting done. My mother-in-law did get a video though, so I hope to get a “still” from that eventually. *sigh*

Dedication was great as well! Annabelle got a standing ovation:-) Mommy couldn’t help but smile… I’d waited for that day for a VERY VERY long time, a YEAR to be exact! I’ve given Annabelle to God many, many times over the last year, but to be able to formally, publicly do it, it made this Momma’s heart feel good!

(forgive Gabby’s dazed look and Lacy’s wet hair!!)

Unfortunately, we forgot an extra O2 tank, so Scott left right after the dedication to take her home, which is fine because we wanted her to get a good nap before the party anyway!

The princess’s party was SO much fun! I’ll let the pictures show for themselves!

Annabelle began the party on the floor playing with her book… welcoming everyone to the palace! (notice… she has a very cute bow on… it fell off and somehow never got put back on, whoops!)

Close up on the princess’s cake…

The whole cake table…

The princess and her special cake… she played a little with the frosting, and liked her #1 candle!!!

Presents!!!! Annabelle LOVED all her presents!

Princess Annabelle, her presents, and her binky.

Traded her tiara for a birthday hat:-)

She loved opening presents! Actually, she had a few “special” friends that helped her open… but she did a good job at playing with them all! Even her clothes she liked to look at! (She really did!!! She would feel them with her fingers and examine them, it was SO SO SO CUTE!)

The princess and her wand! (Thanks, Miss Brittney, for the wand!)

It’s Party time! Dancing Annabelle! I think she’s doing the cha-cha here…

And here is Mommy holding the tuckered out princess. It was a LONG day, but fun!

And for those worried about a big party for my little love… her doctor actually said it was good to have a party NOW… vs in a few months in the midst of cold/flu season!

In other news… clinic yesterday went well. Labs were off a little bit, so more medicine changes (*sigh* adding one more back) but we hope this is just a temporary thing. And we had her PT evaluation today, and they are recommending 2 times per week therapy. *sigh* She needs this… but it is twice a week to Nashville, on top of clinic, on top of potentially Occupational therapy (we get that evaluation next week.) Oh, and eventually on top of Speech therapy (we hope this will be in-home though!)

TOMORROW is the princess’s ACTUAL birthday. We will have a mini-celebration tomorrow for her just with our immediate family:-)

Again, thank you SO SO SO much for all who celebrated with us, in person or in spirit!



  1. Happy 1st birthday, Annabelle! People from church asked how you were going last week. I'm so glad I will be able to report that you had a wonderful baptism and birthday party. With love from Australia xx

  2. Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! 🙂 Thanking God for so many answered prayers for her.

  3. She's adorable! Happy Birthday Annabelle!
    (We have that same highchair – love the pattern.) 😉

  4. Aw, such a big day! She is just too sweet. Happy, happy birthday!!!

  5. Oh my goodness. The picture of your family…all together at church for the first time in a year…it made me cry with joy! Like you always say – God is good!

  6. Happy birthday, Annabelle! Looks like an awesome celebration. Lovely pictures of your lovely girls. 🙂 Congratulations to both Annabelle and Lacy and blessings to you all.

  7. Happy Birthday to Annabelle! The boys hope she liked the lamb they picked out for her! The picture of her with it was too sweet! I can't wait to show the boys in the morning! Keeping you all in our prayers, as always!
    -Shannon Stafford

  8. Love the pics! Thanks so much for sharing with those of us who couldn't be there.

    Still praying!

  9. looks like an awesome birthday party!! 🙂 Happy Birthday to Annabelle!

  10. Beautiful pictures, beautiful party, beautiful Annabelle! Made me smile to see the fun. Happy Birthday Annabelle!

  11. I'm so glad the party was such a huge success. Loved the pics.

    Happy 1st birthday, Annabelle!

  12. What a great Day! Happy Birthday, sweetie!
    She looked awesome!

    And being in church as a family on such a wonderful occasion, what a blessing!
    God is good!!

  13. I loved all the pictures from the party! So sweet! Happy 1st birthday Princess Annabelle!

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