What. A. Week.

Annabelle is home and doing well. She’s playing like her old self again, still walking all over tarnation. Still needing pain meds every 4 hours on the dot otherwise the claws come out and she won’t stop crying for an hour. I’m starting to try and stretch it to every 5 hours today to “wean” her off, then switch to just plain Tylenol maybe on Monday since that is the week mark.

Got a fun call from pulmonology yesterday. Bacteria grew from the cultures they sent from the bronch. I don’t remember the name of it, I was a little like, “WWWHHHAAATT????” She’s had a mild cough for a while that bothers her from time to time, but we just always figured it was excess phlegm that she didn’t want to swallow. Nope. She had some type of bacterial infection. Worries me that she’s not running fevers with these infections though, which is what would tip us off that she had it.

So, antibiotics are in Annabelle’s future. Fantastic.

She hasn’t thrown up in a while, but Momma has been on anti-puke duty. I’ve been diluting her formula with water to make it easier on her belly, feeding her more slow than usual, and when she acts like she’s going to throw up, I pull some of the stuff back out of her belly to get her past the gag stage, then put it right back in. So far, this has worked. I’m going to full strength formula today, praying that it works! My baby needs her calories!

SHE POOPED! I know, gross. but she hadn’t pooped since before surgery, and I was really getting concerned. She woke up yesterday with a very small amount, but this morning… let’s just say she made up for her week of backlog. I have a feeling she’ll be feeling even better today after that!

We have to give her ear drops 2x per day. She hates it, needless today. Mommy is not her friend these days, per Annabelle.(Mommy knows different…)

And Mommy is officially in the market for a new laptop. I think mine has a virus or something. It started while we were in the hospital… but I figured it was just the hospital’s Internet which is always a little slow and spotty at times.

But I came home, and it just continued, and now is even worse. While the Internet works, barely, it will only let me go to one Internet site, then it stops. Makes me close the browser and reopen in… goes to one site… then stops. It also refuses to let me run my antivirus software. It views a small handful of files then says, “Stopped. No Malware found.” Uh, DUH, because I have a lot more than 50 files on my computer!

I’m just super nervous because I have a LOT of important stuff on that machine. And it is not nearly as backed up as it needs to be! From almost every picture I’ve taken since 2008… to all of my writing stuff and books in progress, to all of our bills and old tax returns and… yeah.

I’m borrowing my kids laptop to type this…. and NO, it is not an option to borrow theirs long-term. It’d be safer keeping my important documents on a computer with a virus then putting them into the hands of my children….

Okay, my blabbering/complaining over. This too shall pass. It’s only a machine, and I’m celebrating something MUCH better today in the fact that my Annabelle is on the mend and came through surgery so well!

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Any fun plans for the weekend??? I’m going to be homebound this weekend for obvious reasons, so I’ll live vicariously through yours!



  1. I was planning to have a nice weekend but then I got sick. so I am going to be chilling on the couch and doing a whole lot of nothing 🙁 I hope that Annabelle feels better!!

  2. We might go to the pool. We also need to prepare for a yard sale that we hope to have next weekend. Nothing too exciting. Glad to hear Annabelle is on the mend. We'll continue to pray for her, you and the rest of your precious family.

  3. Hey Krista.

    Praying for Annabelle and that you get the rest you need. I may be able to help you with your laptop 🙂 See if you can get Microsoft Security Essentials and install it, then let it run a FULL scan. (You can download it on your kids laptop then put the setup file on a thumb drive and install it on yours 🙂 )


  4. Great to hear Annabelle is feeling a bit better.
    About your laptop … try putting your photos elsewhere. They eventually slow down a computer in a big way and use far too much space. I had the same thing and even called in a computer specialist who told me this. He also installed an updated (and larger) memory card which helped a lot.
    All in all an external drive for my photos and the new memory card were cheaper than a new computer and very successful 🙂

    Good luck!

  5. Glad to hear you are home! Praying. 🙂

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