I have FUN news today… but Annabelle’s news comes first!

She threw up twice yesterday, then again this morning.

So…. we’ve decided the new formula is a Fail. This morning’s throw up was… bad. NOT something I was okay handling at home like we did before.

Her stool has also been grossly watery.

So, we’re to the point where we are considering (Amanda Bond… NO I TOLD YOU SO’S!) a Milk Protein Allergy. MOMMY has been against this because she’s been on milk-based before and done just fine, so it didn’t seem like that was the problem.

And who knows, it might not be. It isn’t something we want to test for yet (most kiddos grow out of it between 2 and 3 years old anyway) but we are switching her formula to an elemental one, still at the high calorie rate for growth, and going to see how she does. Which means we’ll be here for probably a minimum of 2 more days to monitor how she does on it.

They also started her on Zantac last night (on top of her Prevacid) to help with her stomach due to the bloody gunk in her belly yesterday.

We are OFF oxygen today! Well, during “wake” hours anyway, and so far (except when she’s puking…) she’s doing FANTASTIC!

She’s still a little gunky in her chest, but it is all upper respiratory so I think we are just at the tail end of her RSV.


Ohhhhh!!! I got an e-mail from a friend with a fun link she’d found on Christianbook.com, and I went on Amazon.com and found a similar fun appearance.

What is that, you ask??

Well, go see for yourself who’s book is available for pre-order on amazon and Christianbook.com!!!!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!!

Sorry, I’m just SUPER SUPER excited! It totally is “eh, so-what” in comparison to getting Annabelle HOME… but still, I think God knew I needed some fun news these days!!!!

It doesn’t come out until September… but EEE!

Okay, I’m going to control my eee’s and need to go eat my breakfast that I got 2 hours ago and haven’t eaten yet because of the barrage of vomiting, doctors, rounds, pre-order available books, and blogging!

Hello, Microwave!



  1. wheres the 'mostly love' button!?


  2. Yay! Fun news, Krista! I hope the RSV is almost through for Annabelle, too, and that the other issues are simple and brought to light soon.

  3. I am glad Annabelle is on the tail-end of RSV.

    EEEE….I pre-ordered from Amazon. I can't wait to get it and start reading!

  4. Have you considered a gluten allergy/ intolerance/ celiac as well? With all that Annabelle has been through any type of food allergy (that is not anaphylaxis) will be a breeze to deal with!

    I put your book on my wish list to order on March 1 (since I have already spend the February budget!). Congratulations. Much better than dealing with W-2's and payroll taxes!

  5. How exciting Krista! I have officially pre-ordered my copy! 🙂
    Keeping Annabelle in my thoughts and prayers!

  6. YAYYYYY!!!! I am so super excited!!! I know you've told the plot of your book before, but reading the summary on Christianbook.com it sounds really good!! Absolutely cannot wait!!! I'll probably be in China when it comes out, but I'm hoping to have a Kindle by then so I'll buy the e-book version =D

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