I’m SUPER excited to let everyone know that Annabelle’s BFF, Anna Reese, is doing FABULOUS after her surgery last week and is GOING HOME today.

Do you realize how MIRACULOUS this is????

Seriously. I am in awe.

They had told them to plan on a 2 week minimum stay.

Because of Anna Reese’s complicated history and the riskiness of the surgery, her mommy and daddy had planned on 4 weeks just to be on the safe side.

But both of these predictions had been WRONG.

It is NINE days post Fontan.

On my goodness. I just want to scream and squeal I’m so excited for them!!!

Annabelle and I got to visit them for a few minutes on Wednesday when we were up that way for Annabelle’s labs.

It was SO SO SO SO  funny! They weren’t 100% sure what to do with each other, and Annabelle was incredibly fascinated with the pulse-ox light on Anna Reese’s toe. I seriously cried laughing. She was hunch down, look at it, then look at it from another angle, then turn her head around and almost look at it upside down. Then stand up and go to the other side and look at it that way. It was like she was inspecting it. She’d reach her hand out and then snatch it back. She wanted to take that thing off SO VERY badly… she’s used to it being on HER toe.

And Anna Reese was enamored with Annabelle’s Minnie Mouse backpack! She wanted to unzip it and take everything out:-) She also tried to give Annabelle a hug, but then both girls decided that they weren’t quite ready for that!! I can’t wait for the day when we can get them together OUTSIDE Of the hospital, when they are both healthy, and can just let them play together!!!

And then we showed them that they had matching tummy tubes. That was pretty funny too!!!

So yes, we are SO very thankful that sweet Anna is doing so great!!! THANK YOU to those who prayed for her!!

Anna: “Mommy, can I have glasses like Annabelle?”
Annabelle: “I’ll totally give you my glasses if you’ll give me your pulseox thing on your toe.”

Anna: “Thank you for coming to visit me!!”
Annabelle: “Sure thing, girl. As long as I’m visiting and not in this joint, I’m good. Remember when we were little and pulled that hilarious stunk and made our Mommy’s come back to the ER like on the same day? Wasn’t that hilarious?”
Anna: “Uh, yeah, but I’ll be honest. It ended up NOT being as fun as I thought it would.”
Annabelle: “True that. We need to con our moms into a McDonald’s date or something. I can down a french fry like no one’s business.”
Anna: “OH MY GOSH! You totally have to show me. That sounds AMAZING!”
Annabelle: “I’ll figure out something. It’ll be cool.”
Anna: “Thanks girl.”
Annabelle: “No prob, bob. I, uh, mean Anna:-)”

Annabelle: “I just want to look at it ONE MORE TIME before I go…. that red light is AMAZING!!”