After one night in the hospital… we are home!

We are SO SO SO thankful it was only one night, and that Annabelle seems to be doing better! They gave her a spot dose of Lasix to help “dry” her out a little, and she is down on her oxygen to 1/2 liter again and doing well with that.

Still unsure the reason for her issue. Her labs were actually better than normal. Her anti-rejection medication level was higher than needed though, and sometimes that can affect kidney function, so it is possible that was the cause.

We also stopped her sodium supplement, as that will make you retain water and her sodium levels had leveled out nicely (FINALLY!)

Mommy is TIRED. So is Annabelle. She did not good good naps the last two days, and Mommy did not get good sleep. Night before last, I stayed up almost all night watching her O2 monitor because I was worried. Then last night, we were up until midnight as they were trying to get an IV in, and it took three nurses and 6 sticks to finally get one (and that was barely in there enough to get our IV lasix!)

Then the doctor woke me up at 6 this morning (just to tell me hello… actually it was a med student… Mommy bit back the “where you can shove your hello” response… please forgive my unChristian thoughts but well, it WAS 6 a.m.!)

So anyway, we are STILL having our party on Sunday (and I told EVERYONE yesterday that Annabelle was only staying ONE NIGHT because she had a PARTY to attend!) The NP told her she wasn’t allowed to come back until after Wednesday. I agreed, although I also added that we would prefer not to come back then either though!!!

Got to spend some time with Anna Reese’s mom (a much needed woe-is-us icecream party last night, and lunch today…)  Little Anna still needs a lot of prayer. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for both her parents and doctors, and that God would do a MIRACULOUS work in little Anna’s lungs (and heart too.)

As far as Annabelle, please be praying that if there is something that caused her issue that we haven’t found yet, that we can find it and FIX it. Continued prayers that we can wean her off oxygen are appreciated to. OH, and her diaper rash is FINALLY starting to get a little better!!! Yeah!!!

Okay, gotta run. Meds to give and a little baby to put to bed!



  1. I am sooooo thankful that you're home again! Praise God!

  2. Praising God!!!!!!!

  3. BACK HOME! Those are officially my two favorite words of the day. 🙂

    Praising God and praying for you all.

  4. Sorry to hear you were back in the hospital but so glad to hear you are home! 🙂 Will continue to pray.
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. Krista, you were on my mind and heart the last few days. I've been gone and haven't checked in for a while. And to find out Annabelle was back in the hospital, was such a sign to me that God put you on my mind and in my heart.

    He's watching over you all. God bless you.

    I know you know that, but I'm just telling you that it's reaching out in so many ways.

  6. Out of curiosity, which rejection med was too high? Lillian's MMF was too high for two weeks, which caused her to get the flu, which caused her to flush the lining of her stomach, which caused the MMF to go higher as she couldn't keep food down, which caused her to be unable to rebuild the lining (MMF interferes with its growth), which finally lead to a 2 and a half week hospital stay to recover. Different from the breathing issues that Annabelle has, but if the rejection meds are too high, they can really cause issues.

    Anyways, not trying to scare, just keep an eye out so if something does happen you catch it earlier than we did (this all happened the same day baby #3 was born, so we were a tad distracted). Glad to hear she is back home again.

  7. THANKS everyone for prayers!!!! As soon as I get my wits about me (and TIME!) I'll post about our fun weekend!!!!!!

    Andrew… it was her prograf level. Dr says that it could affect renal function if it is too high. We aim for 8-10, but it was almost 13.

    Yucky about Miss Lillian back in the hospital!!!!! We don't check our cellcept level often, but will now be one of the things I ask about!!!

  8. Krista,
    I haven't checked in for a few days and was surprised to learn Annabelle had an overnight return to the hospital. So glad to know she is home now. We continue to pray for nightly so I know God is aware of the details even when we aren't. May God continue to give you His wisdom and we will continue to pray.

  9. I had a bit of catching up here as we lost our power for 6 days. Yikes! I am so glad you are home again and I enjoyed getting to the happy ending so quickly but wish I had known how to pray while I was unable to check on how Annabell was doing.
    I pray her birthday party is a wonderful celebration of all she has gone through to reach her 1 year mile stone and full of joy. I'm so glad God has blessed you with this.

    Heart hugs,
    Wendy mom to Andrew CHD, LVAD and praying for his perfect heart.

  10. I have not been following your blog
    as well as I should because I have to get it through Ruth's wall. I tried to sign-up for my wall ot
    e-mail.So maybe I will do better.
    Iam praying for Annebella.

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