Busy day.

Quick post.


I’m an AUNT!!! Baby Pamela decided to be stubborn and had to be born via csection yesterday afternoon around 4pm. She struggled a bit at first, had to get a little oxygen, but is doing FABULOUS now and weighed in at 8 pounds! AND I GET TO GO SEE HER TODAY!!!!! I LOVE babies and have been anxiously waiting to see my sweet little niece. (Plus, it will give me a MUCH needed baby fix!!! ‘Cause the Phillips’ household can’t hold any more babies unfortunately!)


I’m back to Skinny Friday. I’ve gained WAY too much weight this spring/summer… lots of reasons I’ll go into at another time. However. hubby and I started counting calories again on tuesday, and I’m already down 3 pounds! WOOT! I have a VERY HIGH GOAL… will share next week:-)


To the little punk who decided to run through our neighborhood beating on doors and ringing doorbells… NOT COOL, Mister. Especially at 11 oclock at night when you scare the begeebers out of  me and wake up at least one kid who then probably had nightmares. Seriously? I could care less if you do it at, say, noon. Kay? Thanks…


Like my “love” sandwich? Start and end with something fun!

Thanks to SUPER COOL author Jenny B Jones who tweeted this and let me know… Sandwich, with a Side of Romance got a 4 starred review on the RT Book Reviews!!! I don’t have the whole review yet, but what she posted on twitter said, “…debut brings faith, love and hope together into a wonderful, well-knit book!”

AND… to make this love even COOLER…

You can now read the first chapter of my book online! Click here to go to my publisher’s website… there is a link beside the book cover to read the first chapter!

Happy Friday, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any fun plans for this weekend?

Me? I’m seeing my neice… going to a writer’s group meeting which I’m SUPER excited about, and going to CHURCH, which I’m excited about because we missed last week with our vacation!



  1. I am babysitting, hanging out with a friend and hanging out. nothing to exciting. Happy weekend!!

  2. I am recovering from the week and thankfully relaxing since I finally finished all of the homework for the week ahead of schedule!!! I am getting to go visit a special little 3 month old in the hospital who just had his first open heart surgery this week…..I'm super excited to meet him and his momma! Hope your weekend is good and now I seriously can't wait for your book….I LOVED the first chapter!!!

  3. Um, WOW. I can't wait to read your whole book! The first chapter has me hooked!
    –Alex 🙂

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